World’s End T-shirts

Getting ready for the summer…
Apart from the main lines current season t-shirts, we always offer a selection of Vivienne’s favourite prints at World’s End. These are often the Key Graphics from the past Gold Label Collections.
Above you can see what’s available at the moment. Apart from those we still have the “I’m not a Terrorist” on white or the “World’s End Clock” on mint. Prices start at £35.00.

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58 thoughts on “World’s End T-shirts

  1. Hi there
    Just wondering do you think Westwood would ever make the seditionaries Muslim tops again….
    I Think they would look great with I am not a terrorist Please don’t arrest me
    Printed on them.
    Also please bring back nostalgic of mud back … My top is now getting too old .. Need a new one
    Ian xx

    • besides the muslin shirt ( regardless of print ) it would also be fantastic if the original bondage shirt were re- presented to a new generation, it was perhaps the most
      iconic and fantastically empowering garment of my youth and i NEED one now I am middle aged. jm

  2. Hi there again …
    Just wanted to ask are you still doing the prince charming sleeveless tee and if so how much are they…. Please
    Also I saw the new gold collection 2012/2013 and I Saw Andreas wearing a sleeveless tee with the gold show writing on it and I was hoping will these be on sale.
    Question for Lisa… at worlds end hope you are well… Lisa if you get any new pirate shirts in would you let me know .
    Thanks Ian

  3. Hey, I was just wondering if you still have any US Foreign Policy tee shirts, or if you’re planning to get them back in stock?


  4. Hi

    It just wanted to know if all the t-shirts were £35. if not how much is the lip t-shirt, the worlds end clock one and the too fast to live to young to die? Also how ugh would postage be to Edinburgh?



  5. Hi,

    Would love to purchase the chaos bands and “I am not a terrorist T Shirt”, in Australia, please advise. Cheers, Felicity

  6. would realy like the bondage pants in red cotten or blue tartan i first saw this when i was 8 on the kings road and always dreamed of them my size is 40inc wast/32inner leg thank you ed x

  7. Hi Lisa,

    do you have any square tops in at the moment??? will be down at worlds end next thursday! woohoo!!! xxx

  8. How much do the red lips and the “too fast to live too young to die” cost?
    Do you ship outside the united kingdom?
    Are they available in other styles?

  9. Hi

    I really love some of the designs and always buy the accessories but being of a small stature sadly the fashion items are usually far to large.

    I am 32 chest and t-shirts are usually baggy fit/long so i like baggy t’s to fit a 30 chest do you offer any prints in the smaller t’s?


  10. Hi. My name is Gary from Winnipeg Canada. I want to buy a white short sleeve t shirt , depicting a clock. The hands of the clock are pointing to the number 13. The shirt had a blue pattern starting from the left sleeve decendig to the bottom of the shirt.I saw the tshirt in hong kong in 2011. I am an extra large and your store did not have the shirt in my size. Do you have the tshirt in stock? Please let me know. Gary

  11. Hi, I would like to order a T-shirt that is left in the second image (the shirt has graphics with tits)
    can you tell me if it is still available?
    I would like the same shirt in two different sizes, size M and size L.
    can you tell me methods of payment and price?

  12. Hello, I would like to buy a Chaos hat, if so, where can I purchase it and how much is it? Thankyou with Kindest Regards. Athena

  13. Hey everyone.
    I’m searching for Vivienne Westwoods “Boob” – Shirt.
    You guys still have one? I’m from Switzerland and i love it!
    How much would it be including the shipping costs?

  14. Hi I was wondering if you still have the vivienne westwood Boob shirt ? Im from Belgium and I can’t find it anywhere! Thanks

  15. Hello do u have the tits square tshirt and the lips one if so how much are they and how do I go about ordering them thank you, also how do the sizes come out??

  16. Hi could you please tell me what t-shirts you have in a small and medium plz and also what trousers and denims in a 26/27inch waist if you could plz email me what you have avalible in the stated sizes so that I could do some Xmas shopping for myself ( unfortunlatlay I’m up in Aberdeen scotland so I can’t pop in past the shop ) I look forward to replay
    Thanks again graham.

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