Worlds End from far East

Vivienne-Worlds-EndWe are impressed! Thank you Hunan for sending us your drawings.
We must admit this is very different from the way we work here. Often people are surprised about how little we draw. Most of the Westwood designs are developed directly in fabric on the dummy. All drawings and illustrations are made afterwards when the garments are fully finished. We use drawings just as a communication device, not so much as a design tool.

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4 thoughts on “Worlds End from far East

  1. Must say you have shown great details in your art work.
    You deffentley have a talent ….
    I missed out taking my art to the next level in my life,,, and regret that… So if I was you keep moving in your art and you will be an excellent artist

    • Thanks for your blessing/
      About 20 works have been accomplished when they were delivered to Vivienne and Andreas . These 20 works can simply form an album, expressing a story about love and Vivienne Westwood.I continued painting this album ,I have a lot of ideas…!