Westwood tour

Fukuoka Omula Biyou Fashion College

Fukuoka Omula Biyou Fashion College

Today my wife Tomoka & I gave a tour of the Westwood studios in Battersea to 31 students & 2 staff from the Fukuoka Omula Biyou Fashion College in Japan who wanted to see how a fashion house operated.
Afterwards we walked with them up to the World’s End shop where we probably broke the record for the number of people in the shop at one time.

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4 thoughts on “Westwood tour

  1. I get excited to see the shop !!!!!!!! I spent a £1000 in 20 mins in there a couple of months ago then went to conduit and did the same !! GRRRRR

  2. Well that’s great. I’d love to have a tour of your studio. But I am not lucky enough to live in London or work in fashion. Oh well. I have worn Westwood clothing for 15 years now, (I am now 30). She is the greatest fashion designer in history! Fact! I adore worlds end, and still get excited when I visit, there is no shop like it.
    Any chance vivienne will tour Britain with her manifesto? Or tickets to another charity catwalk show like you did in Liverpool some years ago? X

  3. Hi ben are there any other opportunities for other fashion students to visit the Westwood studios.

    Fashion student from The Belfast College of Art, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland