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VW-SS18-INVITE Vivienne_WestwoodSee more about the cards here:VW SS18 press releaseVW-SS18-INVITE Vivienne_Westwood  Alice_Dellal

Hi Joe,

Vivienne would like to post her letter to Val (below) with one of the images attached on CR please. With the text: ‘Wait and See for yourself, live stream the fashion show Monday 12th
Thank you,

Dear Val,
You will have seen the four images from the cards, heart, diamonds etc.. Yesterday we shot Alice Dellal here at the studio, representing each card. It might be a useful reference for the show – the next idea for the make-up could be to divide the models into 4 groups and allocate each one of them a symbol (hearts, diamonds etc..) I also had the idea of these money glasses and elastic bands holding money on the face.
The idea for the Giants (Earth Wreckers) was a stocking mask with holes to see one or two features. What we ended up with was two pairs of tights, each of them stuffed with rubbish. Alice was wearing one and we used a fishnet version for the stocking mask idea and filled it with rubbish, as if she’d been killed by a pair of tights.
All in all, looks like every model’s going to be different. But we could go back to square one and just have one theme for everybody? Perhaps, white faces = spades, gold faces = hearts, blue faces = diamonds and red faces = war if we wanted? Try to make some sort of decision before we do the make-up rehearsal, otherwise we won’t know where to start.

Love Vivienne

Link for Mondays show, livestream below:


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