Vivienne’s Bradley Manning speech

I went to the Bradley Manning demonstration on Saturday outside of the American embassy. About 300 people were there & the event lasted about 3 hours. Various speeches were made.
A journalist spoke who had witnessed the aftermath of a bombing attack in Afghanistan on a village of civilians, killed by mistake because the attack had been at night & which has never been reported on by the mainstream media.
A British soldier spoke for soldiers who had refused to go on fighting because they could see that what they were doing was morally wrong & was creating  more bitterness & ‘enemies’ rather than less.
Other talkers brought up the cases of other ‘whistleblowers’ & activists who are in prison, most of them there for decades, including for instance a member of the Black Panther movement who has been in prison for 40 years ( the Black Panthers were an African American equal rights movement in the late 1960’s, early 70’s)
A woman spoke representing women who had been raped through war (although men are also raped).
A lawyer representing inmates at the Guantanamo ‘prison’ spoke of his efforts there
………& then my mother spoke (see video).
It really is important to form a new consensus & the internet is the means. The mainstream media does not report fully on the political issues which are the real causes for our day to day way of life, problems & fears. For instance I heard a report about the start of the Bradley Manning trial yesterday which was quite good on BBC radio yet I saw nothing about it on the news on television.
Democracy depends on people taking an active part in it & for this you need to be informed.
………Get involved.

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5 thoughts on “Vivienne’s Bradley Manning speech

  1. I agree with Vivienne, but she’s wrong to equate Julian Assange with Bradley Manning, who is on trial because Assange failed to adequately protect the identity of his source. Assange doesn’t have the spunk to face the charges against him in Sweden because he is scared of ending up in Guantanamo. He should man up, in the conviction that a truly principled example will be an inspiration. As Bradley Manning shows.

  2. I went to this as well and it Was really inspiring to hear Vivienne speak alongside the others, For me Vivienne’s involvement brings a whole new set of people to the party which is an awesome thing, sure we may like our clothes and our fashion but should that make us any less politically aware or willing to act and take part, hell no.

  3. Thanks for posting this video, Ben! Vivienne’s words were very inspiring, and it was good to see so many people coming together for Bradley and supporting the cause of freedom. As far as the media is concerned, they have been reporting on the trial on the news in the US–where I live–but the coverage has been limited. I don’t think the general public knows most of the facts in this case, so it is up to us to spread the truth to others around us. I have been talking to everyone I know about Bradley’s case, and most people seemed genuinely concerned.
    Thanks again for the post, and go Vivienne!