Vive le Revolution!

Vivienne Westwood Worlds End shop ben westwoodLibya’s Colonel Gaddafi had a personal bodyguard of glamorous women who could kill with their bare hands & this is what we were reminded of when we styled Olivia & Millie (from our office) for this shoot.
Vivienne Westwood Worlds End shop Ben Westwood
In fact during the shoot an old gentleman asked the ladies what army they were in & enquired if he could join.
The clothes are the new ‘Cowboys’ & ‘Too Fast to Live’ cap sleeve, black, unisex t-shirts,the camouflage trapper trousers from Ben’s range (all exclusive to World’s End), the new Joker/Roulette print wool berets & Olivia’s Bordeaux coloured Winter Cuff boots.
Vivienne Westwood Worlds End

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