Uninhabitable Land

Vivienne Westwood Climate Revolution

Here we go with the last pics from the shoot with Lise & Benedikt, modelling the latest items for sale in the World’s End range.
First they are both doing something hiding behind the 100% lamb’s wool Gold Label “Uninhabitable Land” Blanket £285. This blanket is a new addition to the blanket & shawl range described in the earlier ‘Autumn’ post on this blog. The artwork/design this time refers to the outcome of climate change if our current ‘business as usual’ philosophy is not changed (just to explain again: If the average global temperature rises another 2° then natural events will ‘kick in’ to escalate this further until the average temperature is 5°.For instance when the north polar cap melts & becomes smaller, the effect of this white area reflecting the sun’s rays becomes less. The dark sea exposed absorbs more heat further raising the temperature. Read more: http://globalwarming.berrens.nl/globalwarming.htm).
The red areas on the map are uninhabitable desert in a 5° world.
Vivienne Westwood Climate RevolutionNext Benedikt is wearing the Classic Men’s Worlds End Kilt £380, the Worlds End ‘Save the Arctic’ tee (xs-xl) (this t-shirt’s message is described in the ‘New Shirts’ post) £35 & a pair of Seditionary Boots (grey/black 3-11 UK) £355. Vivienne Westwood Climate RevolutionLise is wearing the new Limited Edition Elevated Bondage Boots   blk/clear £475 Sizes 3-8 uk (Lise recommends ordering a size up in these!). Vivienne Westwood Climate Revolution

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