Two Political Prints

Vivienne Westwood

Two political prints have been reintroduced to World’s End shop. First presented in the A/W 2005/06 ‘Propaganda’ collection the prints are the ‘F**k everybody except US’ & ‘Ninsdol’.
‘Ninsdol’ is an acronym for ‘Nationalist Idolatry’, ‘Non Stop Distraction’ & ‘Organised Lying’ & is treated as though it is a pharmaceutical brand name for a pill.
‘One a day from birth’, ‘Your free pill’ & ‘Ninsdol Every day’ are the catchphrases used to promote its supposed use & its use is to control the minds of the population who will then willingly follow the ruling clique’s hidden agenda.
The English writer Aldous Huxley (his most famous book is ‘Brave New World’) was the person who described these three evils as being the core threats to modern democracy. Vivienne realised that they also exactly summed up & defined the science of propaganda; Vivienne’s intellectual friend Gary Ness had the original idea for the acronym & the pill.
Of the three evils the most dangerous is the ‘Non Stop Distraction’- Sucking up what everybody else is doing, ‘the latest thing’ (gadgets, fashions, gossip) – popular for 10 minutes, then boring, then looking for the next ‘latest thing’, but always easy, not involving any personal original thinking or personal creativity, never having any thought different from anyone else’s, lazy thinking, therefore easily manipulated by fear & prejudice.
Have your ‘Ninsdol’ pill, be an idiot & don’t be trouble.

Vivienne Westwood


‘F**k everybody except US’ is a description of the US government’s foreign policy (f**k everybody except United States ).
Responsible for destabilising any country which might threaten the US government’s economic interest, murdering, lying, undermining democracy, betraying All morals, they don’t mind how many other people suffer in the world & this all in order to keep the resources of the world in their own control and for the benefit of themselves & their cronies.
( Look at how the Indigenous ( Indian ) people have & are being treated & then watch ‘Missing’, a 1982 film starring Jack Lemmon about the American instigation of the 1973   Chilean military coup…. here:  …if you don’t believe me ) This does not include the whole American population, there are a lot of good people there (the same as anywhere else) but their efforts to change things are also thwarted by the ‘true’ Americans who accuse the ‘different’ people of being ‘un-American’ or ‘un-patriotic’.

I would also mention that the shirt which was originally designed in 2004 during the Iraq War has gotten a whole new relevance since Edward Snowden last summer…
That’s also part of the reason why we have re issued it again.

Vivienne Westwood

US foreign policy

This t-shirt print is in the style of the artist Matisse (1869-1954) a favourite of Vivienne’s & an artist she has used before, mainly in the ‘Nostalgia of Mud’ collection. The print colours are the same as the US flag.
The ‘Ninsdol’ print is on a t-shirt, price £35.00.
‘F**k everybody except US’ (F**k is spelt properly on the print) is available on a t-shirt, price £35.00 & on a Westwood shopper bag, price £95.00.

Exclusive to World’s End shop. Vivienne Westwood






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