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We have a new towel at Worlds End shop. Emblazoned with the shops name this towel is not only lovely to dry yourself with but it can also be used as an item of clothing. Wrap it around yourself & play with it, as you would a shawl. Vivienne herself wore it to several venues after its first appearance in the Gold label & Man SS11 collections.
The idea of using a towel as a fashion accessory in fact originated in the s/s 09 ‘Do it Yourself’ Gold label fashion show & Vivienne’s philosophy of this was written on the show intro sheet & on the look book (see it in the ‘Square T-shirt’ post).
The idea of ‘Do it Yourself’ is something that Vivienne wants to actively promote & you can see that it runs all the way through her career.
It shows itself best in her earliest clothes. From the customised waistcoats of Let it Rock, to the square t-shirts & hand written slogans on Anarchy shirts in Seditionaries, the idea is to make your own style literally, by customising, being inventive & wearing clothes in an unusual way.
Regarding the towel idea, it doesn’t have to be a World’s End towel that you play with. Use any towel. Make your own clothes out of towelling.
In 1976 there was a very interesting jacket made that Vivienne wore quite often. This was the ‘Railwayman’ waistcoat/jacket. The whole thing was made out of grey towelling & looked pretty hardwearing & cosy.
The present World’s End towel is a different colour to the original turquoise one (see the earlier ‘Buy less-Choose well’ post), this one is an orangey, burgundy mix & retails in the shop for £55.00.
….& being a bit of a geek myself I’m reminded of the ‘Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy’ & it’s advice to always have a towel with you as there are so many useful things that you can do with it.
Thank you to Shane McGuigan for the use of his gym & also to Tomoka for modelling.

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