The most unloved WE Dress

River dress

Some of you might remember the River Dress. We only had one of it, it’s a Gold Label Design which didn’t make it into the collection at the time. For 4 years we put it in Worlds End during winters. No one loved it, no one wanted it. The price dropped to under £100 sometimes depending on Lisa’s mood. Finally we gave it to the sample sale last weekend. One of our current interns made the pick, it looks amazing on her and she loves it!


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8 thoughts on “The most unloved WE Dress

  1. I looks amazing on her ! but not my fave, that has to be the tied up one in prince of wales check, I forget the name but looks amazing on Vivienne and Lisa !

    Much Love Ryan Morgan :-) xxxxxxx

  2. Hi can anyone tell me if its still possible to get the Chaos headband-am so wanting one,many thanks.

  3. I remember when this collection came out, for me it was a very significant point in the history of Vivienne’s designs. What made it so great was her inventive use of satin and cotton knit (same one used for tracksuits) all pieced together. I called World’s End and asked Misa to have the men’s version made – which was a one piece kind of jumpsuit. To this day it’s still one of my favourite World’s End things. Thank goodness for World’s End.