Technicolour Mountain Hat

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Just to let you know, the Mountain Hat does come in more colours than just black & caramel (the best sellers). There are 11 colours available at the moment as well as the straw version (grey, black, navy, sky blue, powder blue, green, caramel, brown, dark blue, acid green & red).
Jump the queue that is on the black one & try something different….
Mountain Hat… Exclusive to World’s End shop… Price £95
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Vivienne Westwood


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15 thoughts on “Technicolour Mountain Hat

  1. I do love the whole buffalo look. Some great colours here!

    Any news on a felt top hat or an oversized pirate hat being produced?

    Cheers Ben x

    • We have sold out of the black or charcoal felt top hats at the moment (£175) but do have the natural rough straw or the fine woven white straw in stock (£175). At the moment we have no official plans to make and sell the oversize Pirate hat, but you never really can say for sure with Worlds end….

  2. What happen your mail server.
    I couldn’t reach by my email.
    I would like to order.
    Please check your email server.

  3. I can’t reach you by email.
    I would like to have a Mountain Hat in black, but since I live in Brazil, I would like to know if it’s possible to get a delivery here.


  4. Hi guys,
    I’ve searched it everywhere & asked on your customer service too many times. I hope this time I will be lucky and have the chance to get one.
    Please tell me how to do ? Where to order online ? I would like the colour “Caramel” Is it still available ? If it’s possible, can you send me it with “Royal Mail” ?
    Please keep me inform about it.

  5. Hi,
    I will be in London 9th to 13th november – can I find the Mountain Hat (black) in any of your shops – or is it only available as mail order?!