You might have noticed the new DIY section by now. We want to inspire and encourage you to make things yourself. Stephen has sent us the first reply with a picture of the drape shirt he made. To make this shirt you need a little experience. The crown is very easy to make.

“Here’s my version of the drape shirt I made from the pattern I downloaded from the Worlds End blog, I used a really crisp shell cloth which drapes beautifully and I even used up some old brown Westwood buttons to finish. I’m a firm believer in DO IT YOURSELF and make about 45% of my own clothes because I work as a pattern cutter, so I'm used to sampling and sewing toiles. The rest of my wardrobe is about 50% Vivienne Westwood and the rest is thrifed, I really appreciate how Vivienne cuts her cloth from twisted fly’s on trousers to off centre necks on shirts and tops!”


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