Ben – one of our great clients out in the sticks (outer Aberdeen) sent this…..(I had asked her for a sheep in a prior email!!…

Dearest Lise
I shall do my best to fold a Sheepy Mc Sheeps into a sturdy envelope for you……Meanwhile, this is what happens with all that naughty Vivienne Westwood tissue paper from my magic sky presents……I make little pots for seedlings……bit of soil…seed…then as it sprouts, it goes straight in the soil and disintegrates…..So be of good cheer….some Viv packaging is getting all recycled n ‘tings :-)


 Lady Lara — sheep worrier and knitwear atrocity maker to the stars ;-)


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Politicians R Criminals Pt2 – TTIP

Today I tell you about how Criminal Politicians are aiming for world dominance together with Giant Monopolies and the Central Banks.

TTIP is only one of 4 monstrous trade deals giving unprecedented corporate power to the monopolies. The other 3 are TPP, CETA, and TISA. Nick Dearden’s guest blog tells you all the facts! It is more urgent than ever to sign the petition!

Blow your whistle and get the $ 100.000 Wikileaks bounty!

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