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The SS2000 Gold Label collection called ‘Summertime’ was based around the symbolism of the Roman God Bacchus (Greek-Dionysus), the God of wine, ritual madness & fertility.
The most obvious reference to this in the collection was the wine stain print used on fabrics.
The Bacchanalia was the drunken sexual free-for-all open to both men & women in the celebration of the cult about which little is known.
Fitting with the idea of sexual abandon is the print used on one of the tops in the show, that of a woman performing fellatio.
This same print is now on a new square t-shirt exclusive to World’s End shop.
The artwork has been reworked into a digital form which makes the image hard to discern close up, but from a distance the image is quite clear.
Made from 100% organic cotton the t-shirt retails at £65.00.
The embroidered orb on the front is rather large & the inclusion of the word unisex is both to tie the t-shirt to the recent ‘Unisex-Act Now’ AW15/16 Gold label show & also because perhaps the image of a woman performing fellatio is rather old fashioned, leaving out the more recently accepted homosexual version (the Greeks & Romans had no issue with this).
I asked if maybe the embroidery should have been on the right side in the black area but was told that it wasn’t because the orb is always on the left side & the artwork was not flipped over because then it would not have been the same as the ‘Summertime’ original.
A big thank you to Kazuki & family for modelling & baby Nanri definately expresses fertility:-)

Vivienne Westwood


Vivienne Westwood

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4 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. I do love a new post Ben but isn’t this just a case of reissue, rework, repackage again? We’ve had the summertime theme, we’ve had the grass stains and we’ve had this fellatio print in the past. I collect vivienne’s work, and however much I love what she produces everything seems to have been done already. Why produce near enough the same designs over and over?

    I do love to hear the background trail of thought and themes behind the collections.

    Thanks again x

    • World’s End label is about classics re-issued from the past….
      For new designs look at Gold Label & Man…
      My blog IS about the background trail of thought…
      Always good to have your input David..ThanX..B

  2. Will I be able to get any of the Worlds End products from your Glasgow Store? I’m never in London (or Berlin for that matter) frequently enough.

    Can you advise me?