Something Special


There is something quite special in Worlds End right now.
Since the SS16 Man & SS16 Gold Label collections an experiment has been taking place involving using classic Worlds End shapes with different yarns & fabrics & the first batch of these designs is in the shop now.
The shapes being redone are the squiggle shirt & it’s sleeveless version.
Both of these items, plus the new matching Lotus shorts are now made with a newly developed 100% organic cotton yarn & a new & ecologically friendly dying process. All three items are Unisex.
As is pretty commonplace with new ideas, the new yarn technique was developed through an accident.
Experiments were being made using fine gauge twisted yarns, whereby two threads are twisted around each other before being woven together & what happened was that when the cloth was woven, these twisted threads, although being woven in a traditional warp (vertical) & weft (horizontal) fashion, appear to be woven diagonally. This effect was picked up upon & then also found to be accentuated by washing.
It was decided that if the garment was made before being washed, then, when washed, the twisted threads would pull the garment diagonally, as though it had been cut on the bias, thereby further accentuating the asymmetric dynamic that was already a feature of the squiggle top.
It is after the garment has been made & washed that the ecological dying process takes place.
This process is known as cold dying.
In this process, an organic glue, like sticky sand is fixed to the garment in a cold wash cycle. To this glue, the pigment sticks. The garment is then hung to dry in an 80°C hot drying room. This heat causes the glue to melt & drip off the garment, dragging the dye with it & creating a worn, aged effect in the process, which of course, we at Westwood love.
After all this, the garments are then printed with their respective prints. In this case both tops have the ‘Climate Change’, 13-hour clock print, symbolising that time is running out to stop climate change.
This print has another detail. The colour used is called puce & this colour has been chosen as it is the colour of Vivienne’s favourite pen ink.
SO…After all this detail & innovation, one can easily see why these tops are quite a bit more expensive than their plain cotton versions.
Something Special!



Squiggle shape top £320.00
Sleeveless version £300.00
Lotus shorts £350.00

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2 thoughts on “Something Special

  1. Hi, is there any chance we can have the Worlds End online shop back again? I could be missing out on gems like these as I’m not lucky enough to live in London. I think the Worlds End collection and classic items (tits and cowboy shirts) should only be available in Worlds End and via a web site shop. More and more of the classic items are in other Westwood boutiques and on the high street. I understand the business side of it and your customer market must be so much higher than it was say 10 years ago but the less exclusive it is the more appeal it has.

    Keep up the good work. Love the shorts. X

  2. Yes, it is true. For people not living in London, or even in the UK like me, it costs a lot to money to get to the World´s End shop… The site should have an online shop… Thank you David.