SO-EN magazine & Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

This week’s post is about SO-EN magazine & it’s involvement with Vivienne.SO-EN is the Japanese fashion bible with a large readership in the country & for the last 8 months it has been featuring a double page spread on Vivienne & how her political ideas influence her designing. 

SO-EN Vivienne Westwood

It tries to show how only an interest in clothing is not enough to be original & also to show how important it is to follow World affairs, to read & to be political.

SO-EN Vivienne Westwood

My wife Tomoka is the writer & I will get her to translate some of her articles into English for further future posts on this site.

SO-EN Vivienne Westwood

The Editor in chief of the magazine is Mr. Kojima & it was he who approached Tomoka with the idea of a collaboration.
Tomoka says:
The reason he and I started to do this is that Koji truly thinks that culture and historical/traditional artisanship are important but nowadays most young people in Japan don’t know anything about these things and especially “the World “. So Koji wanted to give them guidance on their interest through fashion, then it will lead them to think when they create things or when they act. 

SO-EN Vivienne Westwood


Articles have been about the importance of demonstrating, the issue with Fracking, Prince Charles, Worlds End Shop & Africa bags.
I will keep you posted……

SO-EN magazine

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  1. Interesting cross fertilisation of cultures for collaboration of ideas across the planet!