Shaker Aamer Interview

On the 30th October & after 5000 days plus of unjust detention in the inhuman & soulless American Naval Base Guantanamo, Shaker Aamer was finally freed & flown back to his home & family in Britain.
Shaker’s until recent ordeal must have been ‘beyond’ dreadful & it must be very strange & surreal for him to be free.
As usual there are mixed messages from the press & public regarding his ‘reputation’, his religion & his future here in the UK & so I feel that it is very important especially regarding the present world situation to show that the people of Britain stand for true justice & equality under it & that Shaker Aamer, an innocent man detained for 14 years is truly made welcome here.
Above is the first interview with Shaker since his release, filmed for BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire program & released on the 14th December.
An hour & a half long it is fascinating to hear his story.
Quite simply it is the story of a sane man in a completely insane environment.
& don’t forget, there are still 107 detainees in that place..

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One thought on “Shaker Aamer Interview

  1. Dears
    I saw vivianne’ interview today.
    Would you please help me find a way to send our project to her team of climate revolution. The project is about establishing common sense human values as scientific facts through acamedia for creating a basis for creating the political will needed for changing the consumer politics.