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Nadia-Alderman Vivienne-Westwood Lingerie

Continuing the theme of ‘Sexy Westwood’, this week the post is about the lingerie Vivienne has produced.  I say ‘her’ lingerie, & it is true, but this is where I also put in my own penny’s worth & blow my own pipe for a while.
In 1993-94, I & Yasmine Eslami, designed some lingerie.
I didn’t take this any further, but the designs were used by Vivienne for her AW 97/98 Five Centuries Ago collection shown at the Paris showgirl venue The Lido (I have some Super 8 mm film footage from backstage at that show, that I will post sometime).
We designed a balcony bra, a suspender belt & a pair of panties.
These were designed to be made with non stretch fabrics as well as the necessary components for lingerie (there is more technology in a bra than most clothes), so it was easy to incorporate the collection fabrics into the look.
Nadja Auermann models these above.
That’s my part finished, although Yasmine now has her own lingerie label.
Below are some shots from the SS 94 Cafe Society show, presented at the Hotel de Ville in Paris, on the leopard carpet also designed by Vivienne & produced with the carpet manufacturer, Brintons (see a clip from the show here).
Russian model Tatiana looks incredibly stylish, wearing a pair of high-waisted, showgirl style pants

Vivienne-Westwood Lingerie

Below is a clipping from the time when the lovely Suzanne Mizzi modelled for Westwood, wearing a transparent, Boulle weave body. This is from the Salon SS92 collection shown in London at at a restaurant called Tall Orders in St Anne’s Court, W1.
(The collection was also shown in Paris)

Suzanne-Mizzi Vivienne-Westwood Lingerie

Below this is a clipping from the Portrait collection AW 1990-91 & the model is wearing the suspender belt I designed (I wanted to make the belt front form the shape of a Gothic archway, but the dressers didn’t tighten the elastic straps enough to demonstrate this clearly). The print is from Boucher.
The model also wears a Boulle print, velvet body & stockings.

Vivienne-Westwood Lingerie Boulle-print

Vivienne-Westwood Lingerie Sara-Stockbridge

Above is a shot I took at the Pagan 1 SS 88 collection, outside of Kensington’s Olympia exhibition site, where the show took place.
Sara Stockbridge loved an audience….& deserved one too (although things got a little heated sometimes).
The panties were designed by Vivienne, who also chose a Dior suspender belt & thick, silk stockings to go with them. Sara wore her own pair of Rocking Horse boots.
Below this is a photograph of the lovely Tizer Bailey, her model name being chosen from a mixture or her pets name & her favourite drink (which is which do you think?), with another hot lady (Tizer was Vivienne’s PA much later for 10 years until recently).
This was from the Cut & Slash SS 91 show.

Vivienne-Westwood Lingerie Tizer-Bailey

Lastly, below is a photo from the AW92/93 Dressing Up collection, where model Helena Barquilla wears the leather armour thighboots & matching cut & slash codpiece pants/panties. See my previous post about these here

Vivienne-Westwood Lingerie Helena-Barquilla


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2 thoughts on “Sexy Westwood – Lingerie

  1. Are the beaded fishnets Tatiana wearing based on a design sold in SEX? I believe I’ve seen a photograph of Siouxsie Sioux in a pair in the ’70s.

  2. “I have this Leather Cd Piece and Knickers-as well as the Cut ‘n’ Slash Corset. I love these designs!”