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There has been such a good response to the DIY Drape shirt post that I should love to do a future post on the results of the people who managed to make the shirt (& even maybe on those who didn’t quite manage it) …..

Could anyone who is interested in taking part please send in your photos & any comments you have to Lise at

Thanking you kindly … Ben


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2 thoughts on “Send in photos

  1. Hi Ben, I have some great DIY Westwood makes I have made and would love to share with you. I’m a huge Westwood fan on a small budget. Hope you guys like it x
    *Some cool pants:
    *The Savages Boobtube:
    *The Kitchen Sink Cardigan: Punkature
    *These Overalls inspired by Punkature.
    This off the shoulder dress thingy from Punkature.