Savage Print

Vivienne Westwood


In the World’s End Shop at the moment are 2 new/old designs, both using prints from North American Plains Indians. First shown in the 1982 Savages collection these designs are the ‘Savage Vest/Dress’ (£180) & the ‘Savage Jumper’ (£465).
These prints were originally sourced from the book Indian Rawhide: An American Folk Art, published by Oklahoma University & written by Mable Morrow (1975).
The Plains Indians (& these prints are from the Sioux) would paint these designs onto the rawhide ‘Parfleche’ bags which they used as panniers & trunks & also for shields as the leather was strong enough to stop arrows. The name ‘Parfleche’, given to the bags by the French colonists is from the French ‘parer’, to parry or defend & from ‘fleche’ meaning arrow.

Vivienne Westwood


Vivienne Westwood





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2 thoughts on “Savage Print

  1. There are so many good prints in Westwood’s archive. The pirate squiggle print, the expedition print, the Christmas print and the propaganda prints are great but my favourite has to be the nymph like print (I don’t know the name) featured on Vivienne in her 1994 portrait by Juergen Teller taken in Battersea Park.

    Thanks for the info Ben x

  2. Well, I still have an original 1982 jumper like this… Always like new and I love it!!!