The Rubber Maid’s Dress

Linda-Halpin Rubber_Maid Punk Vivienne_Westwood Nutz Worlds_End_shop Leg_Model Malcolm_McLaren

As an illustration of the exceptional quality of the rubber/latex wear available in the mid seventies incarnation of the 430 Kings Rd shop – SEX (1974-76), I have dug out some old pin-up photos showing a rubber maid’s dress that was sold there at the time.
The first photos are from an album cover for the band ‘Nutz’ & these photos show an actual dress from the shop, borrowed for this shoot, photographed by rock photographer Ross Halpin & modelled by his leg model sister, Linda.
The rubber t-shirts worn by the band are from the shop too.
The dresses were available in two different versions, red & black frill, & black & red frill.


I would imagine that the dresses were ordered from the german ‘gummi’ catalogue shown below which belonged to Malcolm & Vivienne at the time & which I ‘borrowed’, but when I spoke to my mum the other day about this, she said that she thought they were made by a very talented man who made most of their latex stock & who was based somewhere out in the English countryside.

Rubber_Maid Fetish Punk Vivienne_Westwood Malcolm_McLaren Gummi Latex Service Pleasure

The dress version sold in SEX had a heart shaped apron, which worked a lot better with the design than the rectangular one shown in the fetish photos below, although I include these , not just because I like them but because they all show how sexy the dress was.
Still beating its modern counterparts I would say.

Rubber_Maid The_Rubberist Worlds_End_shop SEX Fetish Latex Rubber70's

 Rubber_Maid Shiny Service Fetish Panties Punk Adam_Ant Worlds_End_shop


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One thought on “The Rubber Maid’s Dress

  1. I’m sure you’re already familiar with atomage but this post made me once more drool over all the creations in the “Dressing for Pleasure”collection book. Really loving it all!