Roisin Murphy wears World’s End

Roisin-Murphy-and-Elaine-Constantine-(photographer) Vivienne westwood Worlds end

I was just in Brigitte’s (she runs the ‘Red Carpet’ dept) office the other day & I saw this photo stuck on the wall behind her. She told me it was of Irish singer/songwriter Roisin Murphy & it was taken by photographer Elaine Constantine. The photo caught my attention because she is wearing a Squiggle shirt.
I looked on Roisin’s website & found this explanation from her:
Scott King is the art director for ‘Overpowered’. I have worked with him once before. He was creative director of Sleaze Nation when Elaine Constantine (Photographer) asked me to model in a fashion story she was shooting for them. We shot his idea, like a little movie, it was a narrative about a “small town pub band”. I ended up on the cover of the magazine, pictured being shagged by a hairy rocker in the cabin of a parked transit van. My Mother was very proud”.
You look great Roisin. Thank you!
& thank you to Elaine too. Great photo!


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