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It’s been a while but finally we have a new male shop assistant in Worlds End shop & I would like to introduce him to you. His name is Ray Noir.

Norwegian by birth, Ray grew up in Oslo but he left 7 years ago to live in Paris where he studied & learnt French, then 5 years ago he moved to London.
Although he has long experience of working as a fashion retailer (he originally worked in a rock shop in Oslo which is where he first became familiar with Vivienne. There was a Destroy t-shirt as a part of the display there), Ray’s primary interest is as a DJ & more recently as a recording artist himself.
At a club night on Halloween 2014, Ray released his first single. In the electronic/metal genre the track was entitled ‘Double Trouble’. See it here:

The video was featured on Perez Hilton’s blog & had 24,000 views.

Ray’s 10 year DJing career has been quite prolific, including performing at Egg in Kings Cross last May & playing to an audience of 5000 at the Gay Pride event in Oslo in June (one of the few times he returned there). His next will be playing at a club called ‘Fancy Him’ in Tokyo this August.
His second single ‘All Alone’, a breakup song, will be out later this Autumn. Mariann Rosa is a featured artist on this track (she is also a Westwood fan & wears a Westwood dress at the beginning of the video).

Ray NoirThe video itself is made by Kassandra Powell who also made the first video for ‘Double Trouble’. This time though the video has a much larger production budget because Ray raised the funds for it by crowdfunding it on Kickstarter.

Ray Noir

Photo:Reidar Deadswan Engesbak

Making a kind of double act with shop manager Lise, Ray has quite a compliment of tattoos which he has been collecting since he was 16, & regarding working in Worlds End he says he likes working in such a historical place. His favourite clothes there are the punky ones.

ray noir

Photo:Danny Baldwin

Thank you Ray.

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