This week our post is about new Worlds End shop girl Parveen.
Working in the shop since it re-opened in February, Parveen brings a new element to the shop which has been very welcome, she is outgoing yet down to earth.
28 years old with a half English/half Scottish mother & an Iranian father, Parveen lives in West London where she was born.
Parveen’s mother & grandmother had both made their own clothes & before coming to Westwood she herself had spent some time with her own business, customising clothes & making headbands & head-dresses which she sold on the internet on the ASOS marketplace.
Quite successful, this business provided the funding for several long trips & she has travelled in Tanzania, Brazil & Mexico.
Not one to mind roughing it a bit, when she was in Rio de Janeiro instead of visiting the statue of Christ the Redeemer on Mount Corcovado by cable car, she & her mates climbed up by the mountain path, & when in the rain forested parts, she loved to walk for hours through it to their favourite beaches (lovely to jump in the sea after a hot walk).
One of her favourite things to do in the UK is going to music festivals. She prefers the smaller festivals to the larger ones. Glastonbury was too big but ones like the Secret Garden Party are the perfect size.
She likes all types of music, new & old & she mentioned to me two artists, Louie Jordan & Bill Withers. She told me that she had been singing a Withers song to herself on the way to work that day ‘I can’t write left handed’ about a man who has been shot in the right shoulder in the Vietnam War.
Originally in 2013 Parveen had served an internship at the showrooms in Conduit St Shop & afterwards she had been a shop girl there for a year. When she heard that extra staff were needed at World’s End though she jumped at the chance & we are lucky to have her.
Her favourite dresses are the Shirtwaister & Toga dresses & she also loves the Squiggle Top shirts.
Today she was wearing her own ‘Frack Me’ vest & shorts (plenty of information about Fracking, here on this site). I also got her to wear one of a new batch of ‘Cockroach Propaganda’ Muslin shirts. All are currently in stock.
Thank you Parveen.

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9 thoughts on “Profile_Parveen

  1. Thanks for the post. I love to hear about the staff. I’m really interested/nosey. Parveen looks great!

    See you in July x

  2. Parken is lovely I have to call her regularly and she is always happy and friendly.

  3. Just had the pleasure of talking to this lovely lady over the phone. Parveen sounds super cute & made my 1st World’s End mail order a delightful experience.
    Thanks luv

  4. Parveen is extra lovely and helpful. Makes my email orders very easy and is always so helpful when I ask my annoying size/measurement questions.
    World’s End is lucky to have her!

  5. Nice to put a face to a name & see who I’ve chatted to via email a few times now. Great pix Hun, hope to see ya on my next visit to the shop

  6. I forgot to add how helpful & friendly parveen has been over my past couple of orders, much appreciated x