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I thought that I would introduce Michael who has been working 3 days a week in the World’s End shop now for 2 months. He had previously done a 2 month stint working in the Conduit St & Davies St shops but when he had to do a few days filling in, in the Worlds End, shop manager Lise saw his potential & grabbed him for us.
Originally coming from ‘a small village in the middle of nowhere’, a 40 minute drive from Belfast in Northern Ireland, Michael came to London 4 years ago to study classical music at the Guildhall School for Music & Drama in the Barbican, London, graduating a year ago. He has been playing the viola now for 14 years & wanted to perfect his art. He has also been playing live music at several small concerts around London & Ireland, one of which I personally attended at the Saint John’s Church in Notting Hill where he was playing Brahms with the Outcry ensemble. Apart from this he regularly plays with the London Arts Orchestra (check out their website if you want to hear Michael play).
Sporting bright orange hair which he says he got from his mother, Michael’s head is definitely not empty. After his music studies Michael is now studying Early Modern History which is the period from 1500 to 1800. The reason he gives for this is not that he has any specific career in mind in history; he just finds this period personally fascinating as it was during this period that culture, politics & art bloomed worldwide due to the Renaissance in Europe.
Not least & making a ‘hat trick’, Michael is also a model with the AMCK Agency & has modelled for the Vivienne Westwood A/W 13-14 advertising campaign which was shot last May in Kew Gardens by the photographer Jade Pierson(this I think is how Michael first met the Westwood team), as well as other ‘bits & pieces’ for Westwood including an anti-fracking campaign which is in the pipeline & a bit of modelling for the World’s End shop range where I got him to model the Krall Suit & also my own ‘Trapper’ shirt & trouser outfit.
The thing that Michael likes the best about working in Worlds End shop are all the original & interesting customers, including trannies & Chelsea mums :-) who come in. The thing he likes the least are customers who come into the shop to browse just 5 minutes before closing time.
Well he is very busy.
Thank you Michael.

Krall Suit Vivienne Westwood

Krall Suit

Vivienne Westwood

A/W 13-14 advertising shoot

Worlds End shop Vivienne Westwood

London Arts Orchestra






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12 thoughts on “Profile_Michael

  1. aaaaaaggghhhh what you playing at Ben !!!!!! I have a ginger fetish ! haha he’s tall skinny and my type ! Stop ! xxxxx ;-)

  2. Thought he looked familiar from the campaign!! Well, this tranny will most like to order from him in the future!! LOL

  3. Shopped at the World End a few weeks ago and he’s been super nice and helpful the whole time, such a nice and sweet person!!! :) )) Thanks a lot from a happy customer!

    • Michael is a busy person as I said :-)
      He is very good looking & an interesting, talented, personable man. He is always welcome back….I get your sentiment James.
      & thank you for your continuing input.