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Emu in Worlds End

Emu has been working in World`s End shop now for a little over 12 months. Originating from Yokohama in Japan she has been in England now for 10 years & lives with her husband & 3 year old daughter somewhere in Kent. She has always liked the Westwood brand & particularly has had her eye on a pair of rocking horse ballerina shoes. Unfortunately she found that due to health & safety concerns about the sloping floor of the shop, she was not allowed to wear these at work.
She says that her daughter loves to wear a `I`m not a terrorist` t-shirt (£25 for 2-4year olds) at her nursery as she has heard so much about terrorists that she feels quite trendy wearing it. Emu herself likes to wear a shirtwaster dress (£290) or the envelope blouse (£185) & mini kilt (£280) at work.
Her worst experience whilst working in the shop was when 4 girls came in on a flash robbery whilst one of the best things about the job is helping the customers to whom World`s End is something of an historical Mecca & who are filled with emotion when they visit. Some of them cry she says.
We thank Emu for her work & maybe we can do something about the health & safety issues. After all shop manager Lisa always wears high heels in the shop. She says it makes it easier to change the light bulbs.

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8 thoughts on “Profile_Emu

  1. I love Emu!!! She always welcomes you with a smile and whizzes around the shop to assist customers. Hence, Rocking horse shoes is not advisable for this busy lady, although she always looks amazing with her Westwood clothes. xxx

  2. I’m sorry to hear that Emu had to be involved in a flash robbery but glad that this didn’t stop her working at Worlds End. Whenever I go in she is normally there and always friendly and helpful and complementary when I am trying things on.

  3. I love Pearl :-) She always looks amazing ! as does her mate Rich :-) And also Emu is lovely, Lisa is a god ! :-) x

  4. The flash robbery sounds frightening! Glad she was ok.
    Congrats on Pearls article! Her collection is amazing and worth the full page spread!

  5. EMUさんこんにちは!


  6. Do not lie, Emu gave me choose the clothes. There was no self-confidence and would fit in their own, but clothes Emu Mr. me try to recommend is the favorite so Why do not you wear.
    Feeling is familiar with the Happy new clothes, I am very happy. M Thank you!