Politicians R Criminals Pt2 – TTIP

Today I tell you about how Criminal Politicians are aiming for world dominance together with Giant Monopolies and the Central Banks.

TTIP is only one of 4 monstrous trade deals giving unprecedented corporate power to the monopolies. The other 3 are TPP, CETA, and TISA. Nick Dearden’s guest blog tells you all the facts! It is more urgent than ever to sign the petition!

Blow your whistle and get the $ 100.000 Wikileaks bounty!

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2 thoughts on “Politicians R Criminals Pt2 – TTIP

  1. From: James Emmett

    Hello Vivienne,

    It’s been quite some time since I last posted here and lots has happened in that time.

    I agree with you whole-heartedly that TTIP and similar agreements are our biggest enemy right now. They have the power to not only rip countries apart for big business but also open the gate for the planet to be ravaged even further.

    In the short time since the election policies and promises have already changed, whether that be the new ‘definition’ of child poverty that conveniently reduces the number of children classified as living in unacceptable conditions, or the wide and lethal cuts to public services and to student grants used as a means of cutting tax to the wealthy and those that would have been comfortable regardless.

    Education is such an important part of engaging with the world, indeed you taught me that self education is the most important type of education because it forces you to engage. An uneducated working and lower-middle class is less able to understand and see the atrocities that are occurring around them and, indeed, to them. The current Conservative plans are a concerted effort to demoralise and disenfranchise so many people in the hope that we will be blind to what is happening before our very eyes.

    I am consistently reminded of your NINSDOL ‘pill a day’ (a slogan I now wear on my person almost every day) as we are more and more bombarded with the Nationalistic Idolatry (perpetually present in every speech David Cameron makes about making ‘Britain great again’), Non Stop Distractions through the constant so-called ‘threat’ of immigrants and an unstable Europe, and the Organised Lying of the mass media and the government about the provenance of terrorism and, most importantly, the actual incentives behind public policy.

    Vivienne, I may be young in my years but I have never been so enraged in my life. We need more people like yourself that can stand up and shout about what is really going on.


    I hope that everybody at Climate Revolution is well and that the spirit of change is alive and well within you all.

    Best wishes,


    Comment by James Emmett on July 11, 2015 at 2:42 pm

    From: http://www.climaterevolution.com

  2. From: Renate Ganser

    Like so many I have always liked your style which comes easy like bypacking an aware living being …
    but that you have time to engage against TTIP!!!
    so many just don’t bother … those who foster the treaty must just be blind and stupid and all their instinct goes to camouflage of their intent; they make little fuss about it, so that others a little more intelligent even don’t start looking at it more closely ….. I met a bright experienced viennese journalist who said he does not understand it well enough!!!!!!! and I always thought he was bright!
    my father (during cold war) did not believe us that life could go without war: he said: if you don’t hit first the other is going to hit …. he later conceded that this was too narrow …
    like him basically the pro TTIPs are economy warriors … in the first row of economic aggressors, they fear the others could do the same and this makes them even more aggressive …. being so narrow so blinded…
    it kills quality and freedom and … more and so sadly more rare: jobs
    only creative people seem to have saved some sense .. but sense is not welcome in the TTIP world they only need slaves
    have been fighting against the attempt fo this treaty for more than 2 years – in the beginning nobody seemed to know about it …. some at least now do …. but more awareness is needed, so million thanks for your engagement

    it is such a relief to know about people who keep their senses together even if they bathe in fame and … the news you ring always are most necessary and help vitality!
    TTIP is no good news, but it is so important you make it a topic!!!!
    and since we have to dissolve the attempt …. in the end the sense that the topic came up will may be that quality and room for skill and idividual creation will grow ……..!
    Renate Ganser

    Comment by Renate Ganser on July 12, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    From: http://www.climaterevolution.com