5 thoughts on “‘Politicians are Criminals’ Campaign

  1. The problem is with saying and thinking the suggested phrases, we all going to manifest the bit problem even more than it is! This is how thinking and saying works. What you say and what you think has ENORMOUS consequenses in the world and for you. Therefore may I suggest to say and think it a little bit different; Politcians are going to be concious people for the planet NOW!

    • I agree with you & that’s the plan after all Jana.
      At the moment it is like politicians are all in some kind of Mafia, screwing us over & we need to show them up for what they are doing.
      It is important to address this & confront it.
      For true democracy to work, we the people must not delegate our responsibilities away; expecting others to do our work without us taking our part in it…If we do then they just follow what is easy..for them..Like any individual would do!
      Democracy is a collective thing.
      Right now we need to push…Hard
      (Cause things are in the balance right now…
      Issues like ISIS & terrorism are the Frankenstein monster of Western foreign policy..We are causing this….Or our representatives are..
      letting refugees drown in the sea, yet making more all the time..
      It has to Stop!)

  2. Is there any chance that the “Politicians Are Criminals” badges are already available for purchase?

  3. Yes, I agree with Matt. We need these badges to be produced. Available for purchase. We need to express our opinion towards the government !