Pirate Shirts

Pirate Vivienne Westwood

Pirate shirt, Sash & Pettidrawers

Here’s to let you know, a new batch of pirate shirts are now available exclusively in World’s End shop. There are 5 colour ways, white, yellow/red squiggle, blue/gold squiggle, black/white check & red/white check, price £225.
The shirts are 100% cotton & a nice touch; they all have French seams (no over locking).
The squiggle prints & the plain white are the same as the original 1981 shirts worn in the first Westwood/McLaren fashion show & by the band Bow Wow Wow.
The check versions are new & we thought give a ‘hillbilly’ touch to the look.
Perfect for a summer’s day or on the beach. Just wear it over your bikini or trunks.
Alternately it’s quite practical if you are pregnant as the shirt is quite voluminous.
Along with the shirts there are also sashes available in the squiggle prints, price £165 & in the blue/gold squiggle there are also matching pettidrawers, price £175

Vivienne Westwood

Pirate shirts_Check



Hillbilly look

Hillbilly look

Vivienne Westwood

Pirate squiggle

Vivienne Westwood

Pirate SS 81/82



Vivienne Westwood

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9 thoughts on “Pirate Shirts

  1. It is with gratefulness that I send you a big thank you.
    I have been waiting for that moment for so long!
    I actually didnt think it will happen. (ahha)
    The bleu one is on his way for New York and the yellow one will follow as soon as it s in the shop. (Big stand up for Lisa that always take great care of me)

    I have always love pirates and dress up like one, the first collection of Vivienne was to me a ultimate. And i am so happy to finally have those pieces in my collection. My original 1981 white pirate shirt will be happy to have friends.

    I really appreciate the fact that it s all french seams! it adds luxury and knowledge to the garnement! I sew myself and know how much work it is to take that decision! One detail that only the person wearing knows. It s better than everything. Buy less choose WELL as never been more true when we talk about details like that!

    I have already been on the Worlds End tumblr and will be sending pictures soon hoping to apear there again!

    Thank you for bringing Pirate s dreams to a Punk-Pirate!
    Lord Warg – Steve

  2. Hi Lisa
    Please inform me price of —Pirate shirts_Check and colore variation is only Black and Red?.

    another one —Pirate squiggle shirts of colore variation and prices and size.

  3. Hi Guys
    Great Job !,,,and thank you for these exciting posts
    I am so happy to be able to once again whirl back in time with you
    to an age of Sun , Sea, and Piracy!!
    it would be great to have all the essential pieces back to reflect on the future
    and be dressed for it too!!!
    you could call it Worlds End Museum !!!

    All the Best!!

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  5. That yellow shirt with red squiggles and the sash is mine when I”ve saved enough :) ) … Ferk knows where I”ll wear it, but I never got round to getting that one 30 years ago, so at least it can keep my original red on white squiggle and green and grey stripe originals company
    I never did get a drug habit, but I”ve always had a bit of a VWestwood problem :) ))

  6. I have been lusting for this collection for years now…so happy to see it back in stock!! I will be placing my order for the 3 pieces asap!!
    Johnny Girl

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