Rocking Horse Shoes

Vivienne-Westwood-ShoesThe Rocking Horse Shoe was designed along with the collection “Mini Crini” in 1986.
This collection was inspired by the “Petrushka Ballet”, the clothes were supposed to create a childish and doll-like look. Vivienne wanted to design an elevated shoe, which at the same time is comfortable and easy to wear. That’s why it has the rounded front. “You rock along when you walk in them” (Vivienne).
For sure the form is connected to the “Rope Thong Sandal” which was designed 2 years earlier and was inspired by the traditional Japanese geisha shoe. Today we sell 6 versions of Rocking Horses:

Rocking Horse Ballerina – £375.00
Rocking Horse Golf – £470.00
Rocking Horse Boot – £420.00 (£425 for relaxed leather).
Rocking Horse Baby – £340.00 (£360 for relaxed leather).
Rocking Horse Slave – £320.00
Rocking Horse Crossover – £310.00                                                                                   All handmade in England

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The Shirtwaister Dress

“This is my favourite dress, the Shirtwaister. I have it in cherry red too and intend on getting it in the new lipstick pink colour next. I am also wearing my tan Bag boots and Army belt. The blog is a great idea so we can see all the new things at Worlds End. I really like how the Worlds End pieces are only available in the shop, it makes them much more special. I share my own personal style on my blog and it is great that other fans can now share how they style things up on here. There is a lot of inspiration. Love to Lisa, Andy and the team.”

Thank you Natalie for sending us your picture. The “Shirtwaister” is by far our most popular dress at Worlds End. The cut is genius; only very few easy-to-wear dresses give you such a silhouette. Try it on when you are in the area next time. Shirtwaister Dress, designed in 2008, available in sizes 10-16, £295.00

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New China

Hunan-Ta-Nuki-Worlds-End-Vivienne-WestwoodThank you Hunan and Ta nuki for sending us your pictures!
We like the styling very much. What’s so good about it is that it’s very spontaneous. Even though this is all Westwood, the ideas used here have a lot of DIY potential. For example wearing an oversized shirt like a dress, painting garments in children’s style, or using a nice piece of fabric as a scarf.

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Torn Hat

Torn-Hat-Vivienne-Westwood-Worlds-EndThe Idea of a destroyed hat was used in several collections for example in “Prince Charming” AW10/11 and just 3 days ago in the latest Red Label show.
You can buy the same hat as used in the show at Worlds End.

But you can also make one yourself. Just find a classic men’s hat and tear it on all the major edges. Then find a nice piece of fabric and drape it around as a hatband.
Just use the fabric raw edge then everything works well together.
You might need to secure the hatband with a few hand stitches for it to stay in place. If you like a rough look, you could even apply some paint in a contrast colour to give it a special finish.

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Alien Suit

worldsend-Vivienne-Westwood-Alien suitAlessandro wears a full Alien Suit, a vintage Apache (Squiggle) Shirt, a John Bull Hat, and Hammerhead Shoes.
Apart from the Hat and the Alien Jacket, these items are not available at present.
Still we wanted to share this beautiful picture with you. Thanks Alessandro for sending it in.
A men’s version of the Hammerhead Shoe is in preparation and we’ll let you know as soon as they arrive.

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Tracey Trainer

Tracey-trainer-Vivienne-Westwood-Worlds-EndNamed after Tracey Emin this shoe is a variation of an elevated “Hammer Head Sneaker” from 1982 – Savage collection.
The original used to have 3 coloured stripes on the side. When we developed the current version in 2003, Adidas stopped us using the 3 stripe design. That’s why it has 4 stripes today. They are available in skin colour as shown, also in khaki canvas/coloured stripes, and black leather/black stripes.

Tracey Trainer, made in England – £365.00

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