`Do it Yourself ` # 3

‘Do It Yourself’ hat

In keeping with the Climate Revolution here is another idea on how to recycle your old clothes & make stylish new ones from them… In this case a new hat has been made from two old ones. First tear or cut the old hats (they may already be torn) into the design pattern you have chosen then just join them together with (in this case copper) safety pins or something else you think of. You could use staples, strips of tape or even stitch it with thread. Other trimmings can be added as you wish. Maybe a feather or a badge or two? You could even run over it with a car for a nice tyre print….

Have fun

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New T-shirts

I’m excited to introduce a new generation of t-shirts at Worlds End. You might think a t-shirt is the easiest thing to do, trust me it’s not. It took almost 2 years of development and trials to get this t-shirt as it is. What we have now is an organic*, unbleached, fair-trade t-shirt coming from a direct source. When you feel it in your hands you’ll immediately notice its extraordinary quality.

The cotton for this shirt comes from Peru. The largest cotton producing countries in the world are India, China, and the US. Most major organic suppliers are located in India and Pakistan. The infrastructure of cotton trade in this region is often characterized by many in-between traders. This can be a problem when it comes to transparency within a production chain. We wanted to make a shirt of which we know the exact provenance. And this new t-shirt comes from the coastal region south of Lima and is finished (printed) in England. The initiative to grow organic cotton in this area (to build up the knowledge and experience) and to transform it directly into products locally is the result of a 20year intense partnership of one Peruvian and on Swedish family.

From now on we’ll offer 2 ranges of t-shirts. Classic T-shirts are remakes of our most popular prints like “I’m not a terrorist”. These will be available at selected VW boutiques for £50. In addition to that Worlds End will have some different prints like “Tits” and “AR”. These belong to the Worlds End Special range. And because we want these to be affordable to everybody, and also as a little ‘thank you’ for your long loyalty, these remain at £35. Both ranges will sell under the Worlds End label.

*USDA-, EUOS-, and GOTS certified

For the first time we used cotton in a naturally grown colour.


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