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Vivienne Westwood recipesThis week we have some recipes for you. All through my life my mother has been concerned with healthy eating & she has always been an adventurous & delicious cook.
Maybe she got some inspiration from her mother, my grandmother Dora who was also a brilliant cook. Nothing complicated, just good eating (& Dora lived to be nine days shy of 93 before she died).

I remember when I was about eight that Vivienne got into macrobiotic food & there was always an iron pan full of brown rice in the kitchen with seaweed. She used to ask me to go out to the grass areas of the street we lived in, in London to dig up dandelion roots with a desert spoon & also to collect the leaves, as these were good for a salad. The roots were delicious when sliced & lightly fried to be eaten with the rice.
I wasn’t so impressed with the bread she made at the time as although it was tasty, she didn’t use yeast & it was hard as rock. It used to take ages to cut & chew it :-) .
At about the same time we used to eat out at a restaurant called ‘Cranks’ in Macclesfield St which was one of the originators of organic eating. It later became ‘Wholefoods’.
About 20 years ago she got into the Haines diet which as far as I know was about not mixing protein foods with carbohydrates because the digestive enzymes concerned with each, clash & stop the body assimilating the food properly. No butter on your toast. No milk with your cereal (we had goats milk & butter instead).
We did eat meat at the time but it was always free range & organic. I used to get it once a week at the Wholefoods butchers in Baker St.

Now she is vegetarian & hardly ever eats grains of any kind. Uncooked raw foods are the best.
Whilst I was living on my own some years ago she quickly wrote down some simple recipes for me for a Waldorf salad, Guacamole, Coleslaw, a salad dressing & a few snacks (cucumber(sliced), carrot & Fennel(grated)). I thought that I would share these with you.

Happy eating! 

Vivienne Westwood Recipes

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Posted on Thursday, June 5th, 2014 by Climate Revolution
Like 74% of the British public, Climate Revolution is strongly opposed to the government’s insistence on the need for fracking in the UK. We’ve been working with our friends at Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Frack Off London, No Dash for Gas and Fuel Poverty Action to help inform people about the dangers posed by the rush to secure unconventional gas and oil without regard for our well-being or preserving the environment for future generations.

We launched our open letter on Monday, signed by over 150 scientists, organizations and celebrities, calling for a series of nationwide debates signatures – even more important now that the government is beginning a 12 week consultation period on their plans to change trespass laws so that fracking companies will not even need permission to drill under your homes before they begin!

Tour dates: Monday 9th June – Glasgow ● Tuesday 10th June - Nottingham ● Wednesday 11th June – Manchester ● Thursday 12th June – Swansea ● Monday 16th June – London

Your participation in the issue about fracking is vital. Join the debates being arranged at the above locations by clicking on the link.
Vivienne will be speaking at some of the events……..
& they are all free

UK anti Fracking tour


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Horse Hospital to be sold – ‘Call to Arms’

Horse Hospital

Another ‘Call to Arms’.
The whole of old London is up for sale. The list of buildings includes Battersea Power Station; tons of public buildings all closed under ‘austerity’ measures, the old warehouse next to our office in Battersea which contains art galleries, the ‘Doodle bar’ where I held my wedding reception & a boxing gym run by Barry McGuigan’s son, Shane. The list goes on. They are all going to be converted into luxury flats & offices, with little cafes & shopping areas. Continue reading

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