School Project #2

Vivienne Westwood

As promised, Bella’s dress-like-your-subject photos. Enjoy, and thanks to everyone there for inspiring a cool little seven year old. :)
Melissa Claire

Vivienne Westwood

If you look at the portrait really closely, you’ll see Worlds End behind Vivienne.

Vivienne Westwood Worlds End shop

You are very welcome Melissa. Bella looks great (love the hair :-) )
Well done! & thank you both very much.Have a lovely Easter…….

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Gender Tempest Johnny Stein

Johnny Stein Vivienne Westwood

In this week’s post we feature an interesting customer at World’s End shop.
For 15 years Johnny Stein has been steadily & carefully building his collection.
Just recently his passion for Westwood inspired an exhibition which is on view Now!…
In Burbank, California.
Thank you Johnny & now lets hand over to you…….. Continue reading

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School Project

Another quick post from a young Worlds End fan in America. Her display looks very good & we wish her all the best for the future. Thank you Bella & if you do get to dress up as your artist then please send us a photo of it :-)

Hi Lise,

We thought you would enjoy seeing the finished project (Bella’s still hoping they’ll be allowed to dress up as their artists for the final presentation. And she’s bringing her sewing machine).
Her teacher asked her to do some drawings, so to the left of the board are the sketches she did that were inspired by Vivienne’s designs, with fabric swatches.  She put them in runway order :) .
She also put up a picture of Worlds End since that’s where we’ve been corresponding to.

Thanks for everything,
Melissa Claire and Bella Schlitt


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