Pirate Boots

Pirate Boots Worlds End Shop

Making their first appearance in the Pirate collection on the 31st March 1981 at the Pillar Hall in Olympia, London, the eponymous Pirate Boot has been a long-time favourite, exclusive only at Worlds End Shop.
Based on a Biker Boot & coming in many different prints over the years, there are 6 versions available in the shop today. Three different colours in the Squiggle Print, a shiny black, a swede ‘cement’ grey & a new ‘fluffy’ desert yellow version in a very rough (& warm) swede.

Pirate Boots Worlds End Shop

Pirate Boots Worlds End Shop

Pirate Boots Worlds End Shop

Popular with the A-List the boots were first introduced to the public by the band Bow Wow Wow.

Pirate Boots Worlds End Shop Agness-Gwen-Kate-Miley-Sienna


Pirate Boots Worlds End Shop Bow Wow Wow

Bow Wow Wow 1981

They can be worn pulled up high or pushed down low & one can experiment with the 5 straps on each boot.

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The ‘Dix’ Scarf

otto dix ben westwood

New to to Ben’s range in Worlds End Shop is the Dix scarf.
Made in 100% cotton the black on black Shemagh scarf is over printed with German artist Otto Dix’s ‘Stormtroopers Advancing under Gas’ from 1924.
I have added to the message of Dix’s painting by the addition of the wordplay ‘Man MADE Hell’…Which is the simple explanation for Hell. Nothing to do with after death at all.
The scarf also comes in Khaki which is a bit smaller.

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Punk is Dead…Long Live Punk

getty images

So I just heard that my brother Joe is going to burn his collection of Punk memorabilia in disgust at the mainstream ‘acceptance’ of the movement, in particular because of the event later this year to ‘celebrate’ 40 years since the single ‘Anarchy in the UK’ was released.
I completely agree with him & think that his act is completely in the spirit of Punk.
The mainstream hated Punk when it happened & it still would hate it if it happened today as it confronted & held up a mirror to its hypocrisy. The hypocrisy that is still here.
Punk was anti-establishment & Joe’s act is to make sure that they know it still is.
Punk is not about the old songs, clothes & look. Punk is an attitude & wherever it exists today it does not look the same. Punk does not have a uniform.
If you want to be a Punk then fight for justice in the world & that is dangerous, like Punk was at the time.
Join Climate Revolution…



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‘The Masque of the Red Death’

Vivienne Westwood

Politicians ARE Criminals! – I am not just referring to the petty pilfering that the recent expenses scandal uncovered or even the policy changes that they make whilst in Government benefitting corporations that the MP in question gets to work for after their term in office (if they are not already working for them whilst in office). I am referring to murder which most people think is one of the worst crimes. Continue reading

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My Speech for Junior Doctors

Posted from Climate Revolution

ben westwood junior doctors

guest blog by Ben Westwood
A junior doctor, Dr Lauren Gavaghan contacted us last October regarding joining in with their opposition to a new contract being proposed for them by the Government.
Tory Health Minister Jeremy Hunt wants to reverse the gains made since the 1975 junior doctor’s strike by removing payment for working unsocial hours, re-classifying ‘social’ hours Continue reading

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