In part two of the interview with Jordan, we talk about her friend Adam Ant, whom she managed at the start of his career between 77 & 78, even providing vocals on one song ‘Lou’  (Jordan got him a part in the Derek Jarman film ‘Jubilee’ during the same period).
We also discuss the power of dressing up, the legacy of Punk Rock & her present involvement with the 40 years anniversary of the release of The Sex Pistols’ single ‘Anarchy in the UK’ which launched Punk Rock on the public.  Continue reading

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Herbie Mensah_Interview

It was wonderful to bump into Herbie at Portobello Rd market earlier this year & this time we organised to make this video for the blog (shot in June).
Herbie became virtually the (male) ‘face’ of Vivienne after his first appearance modelling in the Nostalgia of Mud/Buffalo Girls collection of 1982 & then the subsequent Punkature, Witches, Hypnos & Clint Eastwood collections. Continue reading

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Neil & the Carpet Factory

Neil Garrady Vivienne Westwood Brintons carpet

This week we are happy to have a piece written by Neil about his passion & adventure in getting to see the Brintons/Westwood carpet dress.
To illustrate that they could make anything with carpet, in 1993 Brinton’s collaborated with Vivienne making some of her classic designs. In 1995 they collaborated again & produced the 1783 Brinton’s calendar (1783 is when Brintons first started their carpet business in Kidderminster).

Continue reading

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Recycling is Rubbish

Rag & Bone

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For the past three years I have been trying to organise effective recycling within our company. I have found out, this seems to be a pretty impossible task to achieve.
Even though the general waste & the recycling bins are clearly marked & positioned around the studio, I constantly find unseparated waste in all of them. “Clean the food off of the plastic containers, don’t just trash it because you haven’t” merely falls on deaf ears.
I have sent in house e-mails & stuck notices around the building but 3 years down the line the problems are still the same.
The recycling bins outside where I live also continuously suffer the same complaints.
It seems that without some kind of reward or disciplinary treatment, people generally are not very interested in recycling; the proposed solution by local councils to this at the moment is to just burn all unrecycled waste in ‘Waste to Energy’ facilities.
But who is to blame? Where is the problem created in the first place?
Just look on the shelves of any supermarket. Packaging! Packaging! Packaging! Disposable plastic everywhere! – Why not prevent all this waste from being made in the first place?
I have done some research and came across the ‘Zero Waste’ philosophy which reminded me that when I was a child in the 60’s & 70’s most drinks came in glass bottles that had a refund paid on their return for re-use which we were always diligent to collect.
Also ‘Rag & Bone’ Men would come in a horse & cart around to the streets where we lived, ringing a bell. Anything we had to recycle was taken out to them & a fixed rate was paid back to us depending on what we had. Money being in short supply, everything possible was recycled (I have heard a saying that the best recyclers are either very poor or very rich).
“Zero waste” philosophy is to design environmentally friendly products, to reduce materials where and whenever possible; to use re-usable, reparable, more benign materials. Materials that that have a longer life cycle and that are not thrown aside and burnt after one time use and consumption.
Recycling – a word that carries a positive connotation – unfortunately is not the solution.
It uses a lot of energy which creates pollution in itself & it still does not deal with the bulk of our waste.
We need to stop making disposable goods!
Needless to say that without a public & political change we will see no improvements.
& Big business has to come to its senses!


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