Open Again!!

Worlds End Shop Vivienne Westwood

The World’s End Shop is open again today. It has been four & a half months but the shop is looking better than it has done for years. The floor has been properly laid with recycled oak & the interior is a lot lighter now that the lights have been replaced & restored.
Today Parveen who usually works in the Conduit St shop has come to give Lisa & Setsuyo an extra hand.
There is a lot of exclusive new stock in the shop including the new ‘Opening Ceremony’ range, new World’s End shoppers, swimming trunks & also some new additions to my ‘Ben Westwood’ range. Reversible mohair/camo jackets.

Come & check out our new changing room as well…

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15 thoughts on “Open Again!!

  1. Looking beautiful!

    Please tell me the floor is still on a slant? I do wish I was there, but I’ll see you in July.

    Best wishes x

      • Thanks for taking note Finn. Isn’t it just the greatest shop anywhere! It does make you feel unsteady but it’s integral to the theme.

  2. Hi everyone at the shop it looks just great, see you in summer.
    Also many thanks for the ‘cowboys’ T shirt, got a call this afternoon from Vivienne Westwood Leeds store to say it had arrived from you to pick up,
    Kindest Regards Chris.

  3. The best designer; i shop all the time in your Leeds store. will visit this new one soon in summer.

    • I Agree Esther, coolest label on the planet and Vivienne Westwood Leeds is the coolest and friendliest store in Yorkshire.

  4. The first place i took my children to in London when they were born… Still take them there now. Massively pleased its open again. Splendid and Ample

  5. Watch out soon I be in londonuim to check out refit….squiggle it up till than yarr xxx

  6. Hi, do you still have the Vivienne Westwood boobs shirt? Am I able to buy it online. Thanks