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Sara Stockbridge Vivienne Westwood

Sara Stockbridge 1987

I found this old photo recently & thought it would be nice to share it with you. It is a Polaroid picture of Sara Stockbridge taken in the World`s End shop on her way home after having just modelled in the October 87 `Britain goes Pagan` s/s88 show at Kensington Olympia. She is wearing her own black velvet corset & chalkstripe pencil skirt from Vivienne & is accompanying this with black stockings for a saucy secretary look(Sara was always a saucy model:-).In the background are  a pair of the winged rockinghorse sandals cast in rubber & based on the winged ankles of the greek god Hermes. There were only about 20 pairs made at the time but 2 years ago they were repeated, injection moulded in jelly rubber in Brazil by Melissa & sold worldwide. The templates for the wings were originally carved out of wood by the same artist as were the satyr horns for the illuminated headbands worn in the successive fashion show `Time machine` The classic Wooden sole  and leather upper rocking horse shoe and boot (first shown together with the Harris tweed Collection the previous winter) is still available in a selection of styles and colours. The satyr horns were produced again 5 or 6 years ago in metal & diamante & are in most of the shops …

Winged Rocking Horse Sandals

Satyr horns – 1988

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      • Ben ! Pearls website is not just good ! it’s amazing, the amount of information I get from her is great ! Love anything she does about Worlds End and obviously Pirate boots my fave things ever ! I have managed to wear a pair everyday this week without thinking :-) xxxx