Nostalgia of Mud AW83 Video – Wednesday 24th March 1982

As mentioned on the earlier ‘Savages’ post I have two more videos supplied courtesy of Simon , here is the second.
This video is of Vivienne & Malcolm’s third catwalk collection ‘Nostalgia of Mud’ shown at the Pillar Hall, Olympia, London on the 24th March 1982.
Three blogs have already been posted which refer to this collection ( Mountain Hat #2, Mescalero print & Nostalgia of Mud), check them out.
Apart from being the collection which introduced the Mountain Hat, the collection also introduced raw edged sheepskin jackets, coats & spats, the bag boots & shoes, the Mescalero print & a Peruvian wood block print (the Matisse print was also re-used from the previous Savages collection), a 50’s style satin bra worn on the outside of your clothes, leggings, beaded jackets, woollen hooded tops & full calf length skirts under which a polyester wadding underskirt was worn (Vivienne & Malcolm liked the idea that the underskirt would get caught & ripped in the course of wear, leaving bits of it behind like a sheep’s wool on a barbed wire fence).
The colours were muddy. Browns, terracotta, rust, greyish greens & blues (Vivienne did the prototypes for these colours by experimenting with mixing dyes in a metal container on the electric cooker at home).
Appalachian hillbilly music & tracks from Malcolm’s first album ‘Duck Rock’ were the soundtrack.
Sick with Britain’s ‘island mentality ‘ the idea was to bring third world culture to the fore.

Westwood McLaren

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7 thoughts on “Nostalgia of Mud AW83 Video – Wednesday 24th March 1982

  1. Surely the buffalo boots for men are coming back soon? And/or an animal toe shoe for men, defined like the ladies shoes are.

    Another great and interesting post Ben, thankyou x

  2. such a pleasure to take these trips back in time, yet the collections remaining timeless!! what a great inspiration, thank you :)