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New Shirts

Two new versions of the ‘Save the Arctic’ & the ‘Climate Revolution’ prints are now in stock in World’s End shop.
The ‘Save the Arctic’ print is now on a classic white t-shirt, price £35.
We played around with the ‘Climate revolution’ print & now it is on a plain black version of what was the squiggle shirt, price £85.
As I wrote for the earlier ‘New Caps’ post, the ‘Save the Arctic’ print is regarding the Greenpeace led campaign to prevent the Arctic spaces which are newly opening up now because of the melting Arctic ice (caused by climate change) from being exploited for their natural resources causing further climate change plus the pollution of one of the last pristine areas of our earth.
(One of the hazards of operating in the Arctic & illustrating that an accident will certainly happen at some time if we drill there is a story that I read recently about an oil rig which was conducting exploratory drilling there, that had to be towed out of the way because an iceberg the size of the island of Manhattan was on a course to hit it)

The ‘Climate Revolution’ print covers this topic too but also the entire gamut of corrupt, exploitative, unhealthy & undemocratic practices perpetrated in our name by the present political & financial system in the cause of the ‘Economy’.

Check out the new website on:

A special thank you to Amelia & Claudia here at the studio who modelled for this post.
Amelia also wears the Krall trousers & Claudia wears the black brocade Pirate trousers both available at World’s End shop

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6 thoughts on “New shirts

  1. I applaud your commitment to raising awareness on these issues but wouldn’t it be better if a percentage of the sales went to the campaign you’re publicising?

  2. Hello, I adore the Climate Revolution shirt, but I live in California. How would I go about obtaining it?

  3. i would like to buy 2 save the arctic tshirts.can you send it to germany and can oi pay it with credita card?

  4. Hello! I’d love to buy “Save the Arctic” tee but I live in Russia how do I purchase it?