New China

Hunan-Ta-Nuki-Worlds-End-Vivienne-WestwoodThank you Hunan and Ta nuki for sending us your pictures!
We like the styling very much. What’s so good about it is that it’s very spontaneous. Even though this is all Westwood, the ideas used here have a lot of DIY potential. For example wearing an oversized shirt like a dress, painting garments in children’s style, or using a nice piece of fabric as a scarf.

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9 thoughts on “New China

  1. すばらしい!これからも頑張ってください!応援してますよ~

  2. シンプルなデザインと、鮮やかな色、非常にインパクトがある感じです。

  3. i dont hava confident to appreciate about clothes
    but i ‘d love to keep this pic as my collection , the colour make me over the mood~!
    upup! ^0^

  4. An interesting mix of styles combined together to form a a fascinating and refreshing look. Definitely gives some great ideas to DIY.

  5. Each one is the classic.The mix is so amazing.You are the best.You are our pride.LOVE YOU

  6. 我最最亲爱的宝,我是如此欢欣看见你们的努力有了这样的回报。请相信我是真心的为你们骄傲。当你们的照片被展览在世界最顶级的赛尔福里奇,我和你们一样激动,爱你们~