6 thoughts on “New Bags

  1. Finally! But when will there be an online shop with every clothes from World’s End??? On the Westwood side, there is not so many, it is just a little range… The clothes are so fantastic!!!

  2. The Worlds End shop should be back online. With the Westwood name and certain items becoming incrediably common/popular now what with the mass production of accessories, diffusion ranges such as Melissa or Lee and items available in high street stores, not to mention the influx of fake items arriving from China I’d like the Worlds End items to remain for those true fans. Westwood had her own pedestal until a few years ago, not just the clothing but the shops themselves were unlike other designers work. The ornate shops, the carpets and artwork. It’s starting to blend with the disposable labels such as Michael Kors etc. I’ll be sticking with vintage Westwood and Worlds End! Maybe I just don’t want to move forward? I prefer the past. X

  3. i agree with david , is there any future plans to have the shop on line to see and buy via a site?

  4. I also would like to see an online shop. Having an online shop would make it easier for me to order clothes as I live on the other side of the pond.