New Badge & Pins

Vivienne WestwoodNew pins & badges are in stock in Worlds End. There are 5 new pins.
In metal & enamel are ‘Get a Life’ (Art Lovers Unite), ‘Do It Yourself’, ‘Climate Economy’ (with the 2 snakes eating each other’s tails) & ‘Climate Revolution’. These are sold as a set, price £50.00.Vivienne WestwoodIn plain metal is the ‘Chaos’ pin, price £15.00.
Vivienne WestwoodAlso available is the original ‘Worlds End’ badge, price £15.00.
First shown in the Pirate collection, AW81, I have photographed this new badge alongside my own personal, original copy from the time.
Both made in copper my own badge was oxidized with green verdigris by its immersion in concentrated acetic acid.
If you wanted to achieve this effect on your own badge at home then you could try using household vinegar which is 3%-9% acetic acid. Leave your badge in it overnight.
Vivienne Westwood





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3 thoughts on “New Badge & Pins

  1. Hi!
    how *much* would P&P be for one of these pins to be shipped within the UK?
    (Sorry, I just noticed my typo and felt the need to correct myself)