Nails & Rings

Vivienne Westwood

Last week I was in Worlds End shop taking some photos when a Japanese couple already dressed in Worlds End from head to toe came in. Coincidentally they had just been on the other side of the river at Westwood Studios & had been lucky enough to meet Vivienne & get her autograph.
Their names were Kazuki & Saki.
I took my opportunity to quickly photograph them as they were already running late for their return flight to Japan & this is what I got. They both had a good collection of Westwood rings & Saki’s nails were pretty interesting, they look hand painted.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

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7 thoughts on “Nails & Rings

  1. Such cute style! I went to Tokyo a few years ago and I loved how much fun Japanese have with fashion. I admire them for their cool style!

  2. It doesn’t matter how the Japanese dress they seem to look effortless, cool and comfortable. They never give off an attitude with clothing. It seems natural to them. Katase and Saki look really cool here. I love seeing people mixing old Westwood stuff with new items. Also when people mix vintage, new, second hand, expensive and cheap. It should represent the individual.

    Thanks again Ben

    P.S – I’d love to see inside the studio (I’m really nosey) x

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  4. Love the nails! I think i’ve had all those rings over the years, god know how they keep hold of them, mine always somehow ‘disappear’…..

  5. I saw them in the shop and he said he could not get a hat as his head was too big , a lovely couple