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Just recently I was sent a link to an old TV interview with Madonna from 1984 where she mentions that she loves the clothes in Worlds End. She also wore a Keith Haring tube skirt from the Witches AW83/84 collection in the video for her first album Borderline

Madonna Vienne Westwood Keith Haring

I also remember that were invited to see her perform these songs at a small private venue in Paris during fashion week (& I particularly remember that the venue management let off a can of pepper spray to get us all out after the show. It really stings & definately works).
Several years later Murray was asked to help style Madonna for the track’Fever‘ on her 1993 Rebel Heart album.
He has kindly written an account for us of this below:

Madonna Vivienne Westwood

It was a wet Thursday afternoon at work in the spring of 1993 when I got a call from Vicky –one of my best friends whom I hooked up with on my first day at College back in 1980.
Vicky was from London, she was an avid night clubber and immediately introduced me to all the fabulous people on a scene that I had ,up until that moment ,hungrily absorbed through an obsessive diet of music/ style mags. She lived in Barnes in a cavernous Georgian wreck which had adjoining doors with the neighbours who happened to be the members of the band Curiosity Killed the Cat .
I watched my very first video in that house ,it all felt so glamorous and grown up . Suddenly I felt like I was where I was supposed to be, I had Finally arrived.
Vicky soon bored of the mundane reality of college and after visiting NYC the following summer arrived back only just to declare ,over a break time coffee and fag at the refectory table, that she was moving to New York and so within a week she was living on the lower East side- a very glamorous resident of Flat 3b Avenue B to be precise .
The following summer and for many consecutive years I would spend my summers in NYC with Vicky enjoying some of the very best adventures of my life.
Sticky-Vicky must had had a million and one jobs but she finally settled back into fashion and established herself as a highly respected stylist and worked with all my heroes – Photographers /models /designers /actors.
“ Murray I am shooting Madonna’s video this weekend in Florida with Stephane Sednaoui  and she has requested to wear Vivienne Westwood can you send my whatever you think?”
t was late on Thursday and I those days deliveries to the States  were not quite so reliable ( unless you paid a fortune)  I knew that if I sent it DHL the next day the risk would be that it wouldn’t arrive in time. I explained this to her and she said put the phone down saying “leave it with me I’ll call you back in 5 mins!” ……
The very next day I was settling into my seat aboard the early morning Virgin flight- Miami bound ,almost unable to contain myself with excitement , Madonna had booked me a flight so I could bring the looks over personally.
Now I was knocking back my Sea breeze listening to ‘Borderline’ over the inflight sound system  - singing out loud “ just try to understand I’ve given all I can cause you got the best of me ..Borderline “
Vicky and I arrived on set really early the following day so that we could prepare not only the clothes and shoes that I had brought over but also unpack and hang the contents of three very large trunks of looks that Vicky had been collecting over the past week .These consisted almost exclusively of JPG ready to wear and couture and was of course -totally and absolutely Fabulous. Rumour was that Gaultier himself may even join the shoot , he didn’t ,sadly.
My collection of selected looks from the Vivienne Westwood archives consisted of items mainly from the late 80s,chosen from collections named ‘Britain must Go Pagan ‘and ‘Time Machine’, Togas ,draped corsets with and without detachable mini armour sleeves , Centerella skirts and of course Elevated shoes ,with names like ‘Resurrection Sandal’ and’ Nurse Lace up ‘.The brief I had been given was Joan of arc /burning space ship /Barbarella – I remember thinking  – they certainly came to the right person ,this is a piece of cake !
After prepping I decided that it would be nice to hover the carpet and make it nice for her ladyships arrival ,unfortunately I never got to indulge myself in one of my greatest pleasures in life for as soon as I plugged it in Madonna was in the Room.
Tiny ,red head and unassuming was my first impression but that was soon to change. Madonna has the most multi -faceted personality imaginable all in one body and almost all at one time.
She was drawn to the shoes and wore them throughout the shoot, with every look .On completion of one particularly long scene she called me over to lend a hand walking back to the dressing room “ these fucking shoes are like Shiatsu Massage for the feet “ -she took 3 pairs and signed a pair for me.
The selected looks were a pink satin Stature Of Liberty Corset and a very special gold leather corset with a mini armour sleeve worn together with a matching mini knockout skirt AND she looked incredible !
We filmed over 3 days in a huge sound studio with a parking lot the size of Hyde park and what seemed like enough dodgy wiring to blow up the whole of Florida !
Vicky and I are still best friends .

Madonna Vivienne Westwood

& finally Madonna wore VW couture for the Live Earth, Eco charity concert in 2007.

Madonna Vivienne Westwood

Thank You Madonna

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  1. Great article. I never picked up it was VW she wore on the fever clip from the Erotica album.