Last week we had the pleasure of hosting student intern Keziah Hodgson (Kizzy) from up near The Wirral. As you can see both girls had a great time. You can youtube Kizzy under her name to see her singing :))  We wish her the very best in the future and hope to get together again very soon!

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25 thoughts on “Kizzy

    • Yup, you should be sorry. If you have nothing good to say just shut up. Manners.

      • Nothing should be sorry. This is the place for talking free. And I don’t think Yuan just told what he/she think. Don’t butter anyone ,behave yourself is enough.

        • Agreed people can have their opinion – I’m not a fan. It’s a little forced to me.

          • What an absolutely PATHETIC comment. Your insulting a beautiful young girl, who hasn’t even left school yet,
            1, not only has she the confidence to preform in front of a crowd but also to make videos to post on YouTube.
            2, take it on herself to apply to the leading British designer Vivienne Westwood, for Experience in the work place.
            3, rocking such beautiful clothes with confidence and style.
            4, Being a genuinely nice person.

            Shame it cant be said about you, and your pathetic negative outlook.

  1. I love it! Both this picture and her music. I went to youtube to check it out after seeing this post, and I really like it. I wish Keziah much success.

  2. This is such an incredible shot! Adore Kiz she has some seriously great style. It’s sad people on here are leaving negative comments, Kiz sings from the heart and has fun with it.

  3. Has she appeared on the site before? She seems familiar, youtube-d her. Personally I think her style of singing is like marmite (Excuse the cliché).
    Not too commercial, I like it.

  4. What an incredible photo, so iconic! Two very gorgeous ladies, who are both special friends.
    Kizzy, You have an incredible voice and a unique talent, dont let anyone else tell you different.
    I’d love to see how Yuan would react in front of a demanding crowd – idiot!

  5. I didn’t even know you sang!

    Pretty darn well too! Remember seeing one of your pics on this website soon after it’s relaunch, nice to see u working in the shop too! Keep movin’ on up Kizzy xxx

  6. I would just like to say, while everybody is of course entitled to their own opinion I don’t think this post was intended for the scrutiny of anyone. Nothing about me is ‘forced’ I like to write, I like to sing and I like to dress up and thats that. I work at my craft. If I wanted a critique on my singing I would ask somebody who knows what they’re talking about not someone who clearly has nothing better to do than pass negative comments about somebody they don’t even know. Good job I’m not someone of low self esteem who would take comments like that badly to heart and let it stifle their creativity. I appreciate constructive criticism as well as compliments but this is a FASHION BLOG. I am not an arrogant person but I have had PLENTY of praise and admiration from highly successful, accomplished and well known musicians so thats good enough for me to want to carry on and get better. To those of you who didn’t like my music, that is fine I don’t take it to heart we all have our own tastes… and to those who did, I am thankful that you took the time out to watch me sing and am glad you enjoyed it. :-)

    • Kiz – anything is allowed to be scrutinized, unfortunately that’s the nature of the beast. No one was being nasty – they were indeed just presenting their opinion. If you don’t like scrutiny – don’t put yourself out there. It’s a big world and not all of it will make you happy.

      ‘Rich’ – stop being nasty. People are entitled to their opinion – no one was calling people names or being so bitchy, so pipe down. For the record it’s ‘you’re’ not ‘your’.

      • I’d prefer not to be patronised thanks I thought my last comment could end the matter

        • None of this was meant to be patronizing. You state ‘everybody is of course entitled to their own opinion’ but then go on to dismiss that statement by claiming this post wasn’t for scrutiny. EVERYTHING ON & OFFLINE is for scrutiny. That’s a reality. People will scrutinize.

      • ‘James’ ” Stop being nasty”? What on earth are you talking about , you come up with some stupid comment saying “EVERYTHING ON & OFFLINE is for scrutiny. That’s a reality. People will scrutinize.” – Well surely you have never been scrutinized, HIGHLIGHTING something with capital letters doesn’t make what your writing any more interesting. Yuan commented ” Your singing is BAD ” – are you the same person, or equally as stupid?

        Why don’t James and Yuan try giving some constructive criticism – i’m sure that will be more palatable!

  7. I never normally comment on this page. Just a click and a view to see whats new and going on. Viewing all the comments I had to see why this music was so controversial and I have to say in all honesty Kizzy’s voice is one of the best I have heard in a long long time. I was expecting Nordic Death Metal from the ‘marmite’ opinions, yet her voice is some amazing mixture of Siouxsie Sioux and Dusty Springfield. Just saying.

  8. Hi I am Keziah’s mum… I would like to say thank you to all of you for all of your comments, well, all except the very childish “stupid little queen” comment as I see this as a direct insult and there was no need for it. I nurtured my child to become the beautiful, talented, fair, individual young lady she is. Just for the record, any of her music you have listened to from live gigs Keziah has never been paid for. She gives her time willingly and freely to a charity. This charity educates young people to the dangers of Legal Highs and Volatile Substance Abuse. Keziah has grown up, sometimes , under the shadow, of her brother Rory who was tragically killed in an accident. She has helped me overcome massive bouts of severe depression and, to be honest, she is the reason that I live and breathe. She has had to deal with my mental health issues most of her life and she has done so, always leaving me with the greatest of dignity. I’m a great believer in constructive criticism, I believe everybody is entitled to their own opinion, however, I also believe if you have nothing inside your empty soul but insults then you need to keep them to your self. I have also mentioned to my daughter the fact that people are talking about her, good or bad… is ok… at least they are talking… Watch out for Keziah… Thank you. x