John Bull

Patsy Kensit Vivienne Westwood

The first appearance of the John Bull hat was on the head of Patsy Kensit in the 1987 AW Harris Tweed catwalk show at Olympia in London.
It was the third big felt blocked hat to be designed by Vivienne after the Bowler & Mountain hats of a few years previous.
It used the same signature technique of a padded ‘sausage’ inside the brim to fit the hat to the head.
The theme of the whole Harris Tweed show was traditional England; the monarchy, fox hunting, traditional fabrics such as barathea & lamb’s wool being used as well as tweed. The hat was copied from the short Topper hat worn by the personification of Great Britain & particularly England created at the beginning of the 18th century by John Arbuthnot. The satirical cartoon character, John Bull.

John BullStill a regular seller in Worlds End Shop the hat is surrounded by a wide ribbon & comes in just four colours, black, cream, grey & red as it was decided that this hat did not suit all the colours that the Mountain hat comes in. A straw version was made recently.

John Bull Vivienne Westwood

John Bull Vivienne Westwood

John Bull Vivienne WestwoodThank you to Ayumi for modelling the hat (& my jacket) in Worlds End.

John Bull Vivienne Westwood

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7 thoughts on “John Bull

  1. Thanks for the post Ben. Always informative. I’ve always like Vivienne’s hats.

    Any news on a Worlds End Shop online coming up again? I’m dying to buy something.

    Cheers x

  2. “I’ve also-always been a fan of Viviennes Hats. To know the John Bull only comes in four colours-now; makes me grateful – to have Purchased one in Bottle Green, a few years back.

    I must find a picture of me wearing it!!


  3. I love my John Bull hat! Thanks for letting us know about the history and inspiration of it.

  4. love the john bull bull .
    got 2 one in black and a straw version.
    fantastic hats