5 thoughts on “Jewellery exclusive at 430 Kings Road

  1. Hi,
    My name is Oji .
    Live in Japan.

    I have question.
    Would you sell for me “The Giant Orb Pendant” ?

    • Hi Olji,
      for mail order for this item you need to contact the shop directly, either by mail viviennewestwood.com or you call them.

      Lisa will be able to give you a quote for shipping rates to Japan. This is quite a common procedure.
      You can buy smaller versions of the orb pendant from the main webshop.

  2. My daughter loves your jewellery and i want to buy her some for her 18th. do you have a catalogue that you could send me or do i just come to the shop, if so what is the best one for what im looking for.

  3. Hi,
    My name is Maro, I’m a huge VW fan !!!
    Do you have this ‘Giant Orb Pendant’ in Gold ? I wanted it so badly but I couldn’t find it anywhere … Please tell me you do have it in ‘Gold’

  4. Hi do you have any more giant westwood orbs for sale? also, would you be able to buy or sell my chain giant orb chain for me?