Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

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I first met Jean-Charles de Castelbajac in 1977. It was during my first trip to Paris when I was fourteen. My mum had taken me & we stayed at Chrissie Hynde’s flat.
Jean-Charles was very nice to me & I took to him straight away. He introduced me to the French drink syrup Grenadine.
Jean-Charles has been a friend of the family since 1973 when he first met Malcolm, recently back from New York where he had started to manage the band ‘The New York Dolls’.
A designer in his own right, Jean-Charles had hit the fashion world in 1970, one of his more famous pieces being a jacket that he had made out of his boarding school blanket.
He is also the source of the Worlds End squiggle print. Malcolm & Vivienne had been visiting him at his studio & had seen a wood block print of the design there which Jean-Charles had found & was happy for them to use.
So, at the beginning of this week when I heard that he had visited Worlds End shop & drawn one of his chalk artworks on the side wall of the shop, I immediately went up there to take a photo of it.
Jean-Charles had visited the shop with a TV crew he was filming with on the day of the last Westwood show. He also apparently drew a second artwork on the nearby telephone box but this had been cleaned & removed by the council before anyone could record it.
Jean-Charles was also good friends with the graffiti artist Keith Haring (Vivienne used Keith’s artworks in her AW 83-84 Witches collection) & is in possession of the last artwork Keith made, the invitation to his Autumn 1990 fashion show. More here & here.
Thank you Jean-Charles & I hope to see you again soon.

Jean-Charles_de_Castelbajac Chalk Angels

Worlds_End_shop Jean-Charles_de_Castelbajac  Malcolm_McLaren


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  1. Thanks for the post….I love Castelbajac, and his drawings. It’s great to have these little posts of information. Keep em coming Ben x