Jean Charles de Castelbajac #2 Ray Noir & Lise

Ray_Noir Jean_Charles_de_Castelbajac

This week’s post is a bit of a mish-mash.
In the process of photographing Ray Noir for the previous post, he told me that he had taken a photo of the second artwork/graffiti drawn by Jean Charles de Castelbajac on the telephone box outside the shop, the one that had been washed off by the council. So here it is.
This leads me to the other photos.
While I was at the shop, I thought that Lise, who was just popping out to post one of you lucky people their purchase, looked fantastic in her day outfit , so without any particular reference to anything in stock, I asked her & Ray to pose for me .
The photo on Ray’s t-shirt is one of Vivienne when she was a little girl. He also wears white squiggle trainers. Lise wears a full squiggle print outfit, complimented by bag boots.

Ray-Noir Lisalivewire430 Worlds-End-shop

Ray-Noir Lisalivewire430 Worlds-End-shop

The last photo is a snapshot of the display case. I like the political badges.


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3 thoughts on “Jean Charles de Castelbajac #2 Ray Noir & Lise

  1. A great post….the pair of you look fantastic!!!

    The problem with not having a Worlds End shop on this site when we aren’t lucky enough to live within distance of you is that we don’t know what you have for sale. The cabinet always looks good, and it’s pay day too…..x

    • I agree as can’t always get to the shop but on the other hand it’s good as some of my best purchases have been from the shop, and you only can see them by being there, Lisa always looks amazing xx