Japan Has a Problem

Yohei Miyake

Taro Yamamoto & Yohei Miyake

There is an Upper House Election on the 10th July & an effort is being made to prevent current Prime minister Shinzo Abe & his Liberal Democratic Party (which has been in power since 1955) from having the two thirds majority it needs to pass changes to the constitution of Japan in their next term after the election (they always win).
Japan, generally known for the populations political apathy does has its own activists & Green Party though & we here at Westwood want to help them as a new war with China & Russia as promoted by the USA is definitely not in the interest of any of the peoples of the world.
Yohei Miyake is the man we are supporting. A Japanese Reggie musician this is the second time he is standing for election. The first time was as a Green Party candidate, this time it is as an independent.
Yohei’s style is to do open air speeches in public which he calls ‘Election Fests’. The one he did on the 25th June was in the center of Tokyo in Shibuya & thousands listened.

Yohei Miyake

“PM Abe’s regime has been forcibly passing a series of undemocratic laws such as state secrecy law to legitimately hide information from the public and (highly likely unconstitutional) military bills to enable Japanese military to operate in foreign places for the purpose other than self-defense. Amending their own constitution was an ultimate goal of the ruling party LDP, and they have come very close to achieve it. Their draft of the constitution is highly controversial for including an article that can deprive the fundamental human rights in the times of “emergency.”

Yohei is trying to encourage young people to vote as, as in other places in the world, they generally do not even though it is their future that is being written now & it is they that will live the longest under any new changes (or maybe not if there is another war).
These are some of the issues Yohei is is campaigning for:
・Stop changing constitution
・Stop radioactive Japan, stop nuclear plant
・Create a society where you can be the way you are ( for instance,the main party just suggested the idea of changing the constitution to say that the priority is not people anymore but the country)
・Stop TPP
・Free education (from primary school to University)
・Stop destruction but renewable public work (stop building just for building sake, aim for green society)
・Organic revolution (encourage to make organic food)
・Stop killing animals (we haven’t got many shelters for animals like the UK does)
・Agricultural education

To support Yohei, Vivienne has sent him a message…

Vivienne Westwood Yohei Miyake

…& this was his reply:

“Thank you so much Vivienne,
I’ll do my best for make better world with my lovely mates.
Connect the world to make true peace treaty.
Art is the power in any field, in any kind of time.
Vote our planet.
Power to the people!

One Love. Yohei Miyake”

 More on Yohei here: http://flowerontheshit.com/yohei-miyake-the-election-festival/

& here: Twitter

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This video from 2013

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21 thoughts on “Japan Has a Problem

  1. I disappointed so stupid sentence.
    You do not know exactly the situation in Japan.
    They are rumored, about support and connection of the Far-left violence group behind.
    They credit quality in Japan is quite low.

    Speech in Shibuya.
    Most of the audience is user of the Shibuya station.
    It has been blocked the road in front of the station by a part of the cult supporters.
    It looks like a lot of people are in favor.
    But a lot of Japanese people know it is a blatant propaganda.

    You have a name recognition. Influence also has.
    Therefore responsibility is heavy.
    You are not properly investigated.
    Your remark is superficial and flimsy.

    • I was there, and saw the crowd in Shibuya.
      All the staff and supporters are volunteer.

      Their money comes from donation, and their power comes from the people who are against war. Especially young generation.
      There is no far-right violence group behind.

      If you have listened to Miyake’s speech, you are supposed to know that.
      You should not say such things without actually seeing it with your eyes.

        • It is widely known in Japan that the ruling government/parties use so-called “Internet Supporters” by spending tax payers money to hire a lot of people to post totally untrue comments against those who say truth that is unfavorable to the government/ruling parties. To me, this is manipulation of public opinion. It is really wrong and even criminal because they use tax payers money for false accusation. The number of such accusations is a kind of barometer of how true a certain speech is. The fact that the above accusation to Yohei Miyake appeared even on this blog implies how true what Yohei talks about and how much fear he has caused to the ruling parties! I want to mention here that one of his speech video clips has been viewed more than 500,000 time! I totally agree that Japan is in danger (and will cause danger to the world) and because of this, I even picked up my phone to call my family & friends living in Tokyo from Europe to ask them to watch his video and vote for him. Otherwise, tomorrow, pacifism, sovereignty of people and basic human rights will disappeared in Japan (as stated by an influential member of the ruling parties – this video clip 2.5 minutes is circulating on the internet in Japan).

  2. I just can’t stand leaving a lie have a chance for the world to believe.
    >”They are rumored, about support and connection of the Far-left violence group behind.”
    There are always people who starts spreading lies by saying there is a rumor. Where could you find a Green Party with far-left violent extremists in the world? It’s dishonest nonsense.
    >”Speech in Shibuya. Most of the audience is user of the Shibuya station.”
    Really? There seem to be a little more USERs of Shibuya station today to catch their trains than usual.
    >But a lot of Japanese people know it is a blatant propaganda.
    Yes, it’s a propaganda, but a propaganda for the change to make the world a better place.

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  4. All the governments of the world lie all of the time. The press supports their lies.
    This makes it very hard for the people to get the information necessary to make an informed opinion with which to act.
    The answer to this & the way around it, is to read books.
    By the process of reading, you put yourself in someone else’s shoes & from that you get a perspective. From that you can form your own opinion.
    ‘Intellectuals Unite’ is a new movement & website that we are working on.
    You are all welcome to join.
    It is not quite ready yet but we will let you know when it is.
    At the moment you can read articles on our website http://www.climaterevolution.co.uk

    和訳 Tomoka Westwood

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  6. You’ve got it spot on Ben, they’re all liars. I have little faith in any of them. They’re ruthless. They don’t care about the people. It’s corrupt. Wrong. With the current situation in Britain, it’s a mess. People don’t know what they have done!!! They don’t know what they have even voted for. It’s a disaster. The worlds a mess. People don’t want to educate themselves. We’re going backwards. The press and celebrity culture is hideous. It could be so much better…..

  7. I really have no idea why Dame Westwood is supporting Mr Yohei Miyake. Yohei had left the Green Party (god knows why) after his first try standing for the election in 2013. Now he is backed by Mr Ichiro Ozawa who is known as a famous Panda-hugger. If you think that George Osborne is bought by Chinese money, Ozawa is probably 10 times more filthier. If Yohei were an avid campainger for animal rights, I would understand though… but he’s never actually done anything for that. He must be feeling a sympathy on it within a general perspective but as a campainer he is just filling out the space in his manifesto.

  8. there is a major election in 5 days, july 10th 
    do public media talk about it : see it for yourself : nothing on headline news.


    there is something wrong,
    as if some people really did not want the people to vote;
    A Japanese friend living in Paris tried to vote at the consulate, but it was refused because people at the consulate stated that it was too late, but on the internet site it was another information…. seems some people do not want japanese to vote.
    Let’s pay close attention to the results, can we still talk about democracy?

    • >yosh
      Hi Yosh, show this official MOFA link below to your friend lives in Paris. ttp://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/toko/senkyo/flow.html
      It says it takes about 2 months to get the official poll card but I remember that it didn’t take that long when I applied long time ago. I am sure all the Japan Embassies have the flyers about it. And when you report their resident status to the local Embassy, they email you frequently. I received the email about how to apply for a poll card in mid-Feb 2016 for this election. If your friend were refused to vote with his/her poll card ready in their hands, that would be a BIG problem, but your friend was just too late to apply for a poll card for this election, right? They can vote from next time round!

  9. we are supporting Miyake Yohei from canada as well.

    we came up with the idea of translating one of his festa speech, but it takes a whole lot of time. the more people can understand from outside Japan, the better, I feel. would you have a team to translate one or two other speeches? I am working on the 06/29 fest day 8.

  10. Contaminated nation with radiation, yes, Japan is in danger!
    Yes, we need a young new leader like Miyake!

    Though LPD won in the election, however, most of Japanese citizens are disappointed with our gov’s economic policies, Abeno something…
    Amendments of the constitutions article 9? No thanks!!
    Tax reform first, please!!!

    I know this guy working for a construction company’s been told by his company to vote for LDP at every election cuz they will do the best for biz…
    No democracy, you see?
    I’m personally sick of old tired lines of LDP & other ruling parties…

    Anyway, thanks for taking up Miyake, Ben.
    Again, we need a leader like him!!
    JFYR, he’s lauched a political group called NAU, & you can join it here.


    No membership fee, any nationalities are welcome.
    (With that said, h/ever, the page as no English…haha.)